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Bullying and harassment / sexual safety / discrimination

'Sharepoint' links point to the OUH intranet, which is accessible to staff with an OUH login.

Examples of concerns

  • Aggression from a colleague / member of OUH staff
  • Exclusion from group / team activities ('social exclusion')
  • Inappropriate remarks or offensive comments
  • Experienced or witnessed racist behaviour
  • Experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct / violence
  • Experienced or witnessed discrimination

Informal advice

  • Line Manager
  • Divisional HR Advisor or Consultant
  • Staff Side - Trade Unions (
  • Respect and Dignity at Work Ambassadors [link pending]

Informal advice on sexual safety

Wellbeing support

What to do next

  • If you feel able to, raise your concerns directly with the individual as soon after the incident as possible to tell them the effect of their behaviour
  • Alternatively you could write to the individual explaining your concerns and how you would like them resolved
  • Speak with your Line Manager to explore whether any informal resolution options are suitable
  • Look at our Respectful Resolution Guides ( for support on ways to resolve concerns

Additional support for sexual safety

  • If you feel able to, speak with your Line Manager or the Designated Safeguarding Officer for Workforce
  • Serious concerns may be referred outside of OUH but we will provide support to employees throughout the process and signpost to specialised services where needed.

If your concern is not resolved

Escalating a concern

Respect and Dignity at Work Procedure (including Sexual Safety at Work) (

  1. Line Manager
  2. Line Manager's Manager
  3. Directorate Manager / Matron (or equivalent)
  4. Divisional Director of Operations / Nursing (or equivalent)
  5. Divisional Director (or equivalent)

For more detail please visit:

Signposting formal employee concerns | Respect and dignity at work

Last reviewed:21 March 2024