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Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Coronavirus / COVID-19

If you have a new continuous cough, a high temperature, or a loss or change to your sense of taste or smell, do not come to our hospitals. Follow the national advice.

Please find information on our services and visiting restrictions in our COVID-19 section.

Patients and visitors must wear a face covering in our hospitals.

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Updated 09 March 2020

The clinical services at Oxford University Hospitals are grouped into Divisions:

  1. Neurosciences, Orthopaedics, Trauma, Specialist Surgery, Children's and Neonates
  2. Medicine, Rehabilitation and Cardiac
  3. Surgery, Women's and Oncology
  4. Clinical Support Services

The Divisions are responsible for the day-to-day management and delivery of services within their areas in line with Trust strategies, policies and procedures.

To see our organisational structure and clinical management structure, please use the links below.

Neurosciences, Orthopaedics, Trauma, Specialist Surgery, Children's and Neonates Division

  • Divisional Director: Dr Jon Westbrook
  • Divisional Director of Operations: Cheryl Muldoon
  • Divisional Nurse: Florian Stoermer
  • Divisional Medical Director: Dr Chris Kearns

Neurosciences Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Ursula Schulz
  • Operational Services Manager: John Chatwin
  • Matron: Lucy Parsons

Trauma and Orthopaedics

  • Clinical Director: Karen Barker
  • Clinical Director Major Trauma Centre/Network: Simon Raby
  • Operational Services Manager: Dawn Sharples
  • Orthopaedic Matron: Becky Easton
  • Trauma Matron: Debbie Langstaff

Specialist Surgery Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Lucy Cogswell
  • Operational Services Manager: Suzy Robertson
  • Operational Services Manager Ophthalmology: Wayne McFarlane
  • Outpatients Matron: Bernadette Mitchell
  • Inpatients Matron: Heather Talbot

Children's Services Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Shelley Segal
  • Operational Services Manager: Paul Gale
  • Matron: Sharon Buchanan
  • Specialist Matron Children's Critical Care: Alex Elson
  • Specialist Matron Newborn Care: Natalie Rea
  • Specialist Matron, Children's Hospital: Zoe Pooley

Medicine, Rehabilitation and Cardiac Division

  • Divisional Director: Larry Fitton
  • Divisional Director of Operations: Arun Chandran
  • Divisional Nurse: Louise Rawlinson

Specialist Medicine Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Richard Turner
  • Operational Services Manager: Thomas Farrell
  • Matron: Ginny Mountford Flint

Acute Medicine and Rehabilitation Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Sudhir Singh
  • Head of Therapies: Terry Cordrey
  • Operational Services Manager OCE / Rehabilitation: Tina Almyroudi
  • Operational Services Manager Acute Medicine and Rehabilitation: Siobhan Monk
  • Matron Acute Medicine: Reema D'Souza
  • Matron Geratology, Stroke and Rehabilitation: Sarah Wheeler
  • Matron Medicine Horton: Lynda Huard (acting)
  • Matron ED / EAU JR: Katy Mimpress
  • Matron ED / EAU Horton: Michelle Brock

Cardiology, Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Yaver Bashir
  • Operational Services Manager: Sarah Malone
  • Matron: Mark Curnow

Surgery, Women's and Oncology Division

  • Divisional Director: Prof Freddie Hamdy
  • Divisional Director of Operations: Alison Beckett (interim)
  • Divisional Nurse: Alison Cornall

Surgery Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Oliver Jones
  • Operational Services Manager: Jude Oliver-Jones
  • Elective Matron: Jay Bradbury (acting)
  • Emergency Matron: Vanessa Linton

Oncology and Haematology Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Bassim Hassan
  • Operational Services Manager: Lucy Whitehead
  • Head of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering: Malcom Sperrin
  • Matron Oncology and Haematology: Hayley Smith

Churchill Theatres, Endoscopy and Gastroenterology Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Simon Travis (Acting)
  • Operational Services Manager: Jessica Slater
  • Matron: Julia Wood

Maternity Directorate

  • Clinical Director Maternity: Veronica Miller
  • Director of Midwifery: Alison Cuthbertson
  • Interim Senior Midwifery Manager: Rosalie Wright
  • Operational Services Manager: Rebecca Cullen

Gynaecology Directorate

  • Clinical Director Gynaecology: Ingrid Granne
  • Matron: Susie Saeed
  • Operational Services Manager: Amber Hodges

Renal, Transplant and Urology Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Mark Sullivan
  • Operational Services Manager: Ben Wright
  • Matron Renal, Transplant and Urology: Jenny Hayes
  • Matron Dialysis Unit and Satellites: Allie Thornley

Clinical Support Services Division

  • Divisional Director: Chandi Ratnatunga
  • Divisional Director of Operations: pending

Pathology and Laboratories Directorate

Clinical Director: Derek Roskell

Radiology and Imaging Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Fiona MacLeod
  • Operational Services Manager: Toni MacKay

Pharmacy Directorate

Clinical Director: Bhulesh Vadher

Adult Critical Care, Pre-operative Assessment, Pain Service and Resuscitation Directorate

  • Clinical Director and Divisional Nurse: Matt Holdaway
  • Business and Performance Manager: Alex Causer
  • Matron: Lyn Bennett