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Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Updated 20 April 2018

The clinical services at the Oxford University Hospitals are grouped into Divisions:

  1. Neurosciences, Orthopaedics, Trauma and Specialist Surgery
  2. Children's and Women's
  3. Medicine, Rehabilitation and Cardiac
  4. Surgery and Oncology
  5. Clinical Support Services

The Divisions are responsible for the day-to-day management and delivery of services within their areas in line with Trust strategies, policies and procedures.

Each Division is headed by a Divisional Director, a practising clinician who is supported by a Divisional Nurse and General Manager.

To see our organisational structure and clinical management structure, please use the links below.

Neurosciences, Orthopaedics, Trauma and Specialist Surgery Division

  • Divisional Director: Dr Jon Westbrook
  • General Manager: Cheryl Muldoon
  • Divisional Nurse: Florian Stoermer

Neurosciences Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Ursula Schulz
  • Operational Services Manager: John Chatwin
  • Matron: Lucy Parsons

Orthopaedics Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Karen Barker
  • Interim Operational Services Manager: John Chatwin
  • Matron: Becky Easton / Debbie Langstaff

Trauma Directorate (Major Trauma Centre)

  • Clinical Director: Simon Raby
  • Network Manager: Louisa Stacey

Specialist Surgery Directorate

  • Clinical Director: David Coleman
  • Operational Services Manager: Suzy Robertson
  • Matron: Bernadette Mitchell

Children's and Women's Division

  • Divisional Director: Stephen Kennedy
  • General Manager: Paul Byrne
  • Divisional Nurse: Nettie Dearmun

Children's Services Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Karen Steinhardt
  • Operational Services Manager: Paul Gale
  • Directorate Matron: Sharon Buchanan
  • Acting Specialist Matron Children's Critical Care: Alex Elson
  • Specialist Matron Newborn Care: Natalie Rea
  • Matron Children's Hospital: Zoe Pooley

Women's Services Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Veronica Miller
  • Operational Services Manager: Usmaan Rahman
  • Matron: Susie Saeed
  • Interim Head of Midwifery: Rosalie Wright
  • Interim Senior Midwifery Manager: Penny Green

Medicine, Rehabilitation and Cardiac Division

  • Divisional Director: James Price
  • General Manager: Kathleen Simcock
  • Divisional Nurse: Lily O'Connor

Specialist Medicine Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Richard Turner
  • Operational Services Manager: Kathryn Hall
  • Matron: Claire Sambridge

Acute Medicine and Rehabilitation Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Sudhir Singh
  • Operational Services Manager: Siobhan Hurley
  • Operational Services Manager OCE / Rehabilitation / Psychological Medicine: Tina Almyroudi
  • Head of Therapies: Terry Cordrey
  • Matron Emergency Department: Louise Rawlinson
  • Deputy Matron Emergency Department: Michelle Brock
  • Matron Acute Medicine: Reema D’Souza
  • Matron Medicine Horton: Lynda Huard (acting)
  • Matron Geratology, Stroke and Rehabilitation: Sarah Wheeler

Cardiology, Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Yaver Bashir
  • Operational Services Manager: Sarah Malone
  • Matron: Mark Curnow

Surgery and Oncology Division

  • Divisional Director: Prof Freddie Hamdy
  • General Manager: Rainer Buhler
  • Divisional Nurse: Alison Cornall

Oncology and Haematology Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Claire Hobbs
  • Operational Services Manager: Lucy Whitehead
  • Head of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering: Therese Crawley
  • Matron Oncology and Haematology: Hayley Smith

Surgery Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Greg Sadler
  • Operational Services Manager: Jude Oliver-Jones
  • Matron: Anita MacQueen

Transplant, Renal and Urology Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Mark Sullivan
  • Operational Services Manager: Ben Wright
  • Matron Renal, Transplant and Urology: Jenny Hayes
  • Matron Dialysis Unit and Satellites: Allie Thornley

Churchill Theatres, Endoscopy and Gastroenterology Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Satish Keshav
  • Operational Services Manager: Jessica Slater
  • Matron: Julia Wood

Clinical Support Services Division

  • Divisional Director: Chandi Ratnatunga
  • General Manager: Amanda Middleton

Theatres, Anaesthetics and Sterile Services Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Emily Williams

Adult Critical Care, Pre-operative Assessment, Pain Service and Resuscitation Directorate

  • Clinical Director and Matron: Matt Holdaway
  • Business and Performance Manager: Alex Causer

Pathology and Laboratories Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Derek Roskell
  • Operational Services Manager: Toni MacKay

Radiology and Imaging Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Suzie Anthony
  • Operational Services Manager: Toni MacKay

Pharmacy Directorate

  • Clinical Director: Bhulesh Vadher