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Oxford Spinal Neurosurgery Service

Welcome to Oxford Spinal Neurosurgery Service

Oxford Spinal Neurosurgery Service at the John Radcliffe Hospital carries out a variety of spinal surgery procedures, including:

  • discectomies
  • complex spinal fusions
  • removal of spinal tumours
  • spinal dysraphisms
  • minimally invasive spinal surgery using a percutaneous or 'keyhole' approach.

We provide an emergency neurosurgical spinal service for spinal pathologies which threaten or are causing neurological disability. Referrals into the service are triaged by Consultant Spinal Neurosurgeons.

Types of spinal pathology treated

Adult degenerative spinal disease and deformity, for example:

  • disc herniation
  • canal stenosis
  • myelopathy
  • spinal dysraphism
  • spondylosis and spondylolisthesis
  • cauda equina syndrome.

Spinal tumours, for example:

  • Schwannomas
  • neurofibromas
  • spinal cord tumours (intrinsic gliomas, ependymomas, haemangioblastomas)

Chiari malformations, syringomyelia, cranio-cervical junction disorders and spinal dysraphisms

Spinal vascular malformations

Paediatric spinal neurosurgery

The multidisciplinary team (MDT)

The MDT comprises:

  • Consultant Spinal Neurosurgeons
  • Specialist Spinal Physiotherapist
  • Consultant Neuroradiologist
  • Spinal Neurosurgery Nurse Practitioner
  • Pre-operative Assessment Nurses
  • Patient Pathway Coordinators
  • Spinal MDT coordinator.

We provide a comprehensive assessment, including a range of investigation, for example:

  • X-ray
  • CT scanning / CT myelogram
  • MRI scanning
  • spinal angiography
  • diagnostic nerve root blocks.

We hold a weekly spine MDT meeting to discuss complex cases in order to make joint decisions regarding the best possible options for surgical and non-surgical treatments.

We may suggest an onward referral for:

  • spinal facet joint injections
  • pain management review
  • physiotherapy
  • alternative pharmacological options.

Surgical pathway

We see our patients first in the Neurosciences Outpatient Clinic, where they can discuss all their options in detail with their Consultant.

If surgery is planned, we see our patients in the Pre-operative Assessment Clinic two to four weeks before admission: if a patient needs surgery more urgently, we admit them directly to the ward and assess them on admission.

The clinical team sees inpatients daily, and on discharge provides information including instructions for wound care, activities, driving and return to work.

Depending on the type of surgery, we arrange a follow-up outpatient clinic appointment or telephone review.


British Spine Registry (BSR)

The BSR collects information about spinal surgery across the UK, to find out which spinal operations are the most effective and in which patients they work best, so we can improve patient care.

Patient outcomes are assessed using questionnaires which allow surgeons to see how much improvement there has been from treatment.

We invite all our patients to take part, and provide them with all the information they need to make a decision whether to participate.

You can find more information on the British Spine Registry website:

British Spine Registry


Please see Oxford Spinal Neurosurgery Service referrals.

Contact us

Tel: 01865 231883 Option 1 then Option 1

Abbie Major
Patient Pathway Coordinator to Miss Stana Bojanic, Consultant Neurosurgeon

Ana Alvarez Garcia
Patient Pathway Coordinator to Mr Stewart Griffiths, Mr Mario Ganau (Consultant Neurosurgeons) and Ms Louise Hailey, Spinal Specialist Physiotherapist

Claire Bleach
Patient Pathway Coordinator to Mr Murtuza Sikander, Consultant Neurosurgeon

Neurosurgery Spinal MDT Coordinator