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cryopreservation and Tissue donation

There are two main areas in cryopreservation and tissue donation. These services are coordinated by the Oxford Cell and Tissue Biobank.

Cryopreservation (fertility preservation)

Children and adults undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy can have tissue preserved which, when reimplanted, can restore their fertility in later life.

Future Fertility Programme Oxford

Tissue donation

Parts of your body, or groups of cells, 'tissues', can be donated for transplantation or for research, education and other purposes.

There is a national shortage of some tissue donors. There are many patients in the UK waiting for a tissue transplant operation. There is a great demand in the UK for human tissue for research purposes.

Donation after death

Donated tissue can be used to treat patients and contribute to medical research

Find us and contact us

From the Level 2 main entrance, walk to the League of Friends Café. Opposite the café go through the door to the Oxford Heart Centre.

Walk to the end of the corridor and take the lift down to Level 0, turn right out of the lift and continue to the end of the corridor to the office.

Tel: 01865 220076
There is an answerphone giving 24 hour contact details via OUH switchboard.

Oxford Tissue Cryopreservation Service (OTCS)
Oxford Cell and Tissue Biobank
Level 0, John Radcliffe Hospital
Oxford OX3 9DU

Tel: 01865 220076 (9.00am - 5.00pm; answerphone at other times)

Oxford Cell and Tissue Biobank Manager


  • Yvonne Thomas
  • Faranaz Auckburally
  • Marta Kolad
  • Agnes Jaciow
  • Michel Sebastian

Tissue Co-ordinator

  • Vinod Motiani

Programme leads

  • Mr Chandi Ratnatunga
    Medical Advisor
  • Dr Sheila Lane
    Lead Consultant, Ovarian and Testicular Tissue Programme
  • Dr Paul Harden
    Lead Consultant, Cell Therapy Trial
  • Dr Olaf Ansorge
    Lead Consultant, Oxford Brain Bank