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Oxford Bronchiectasis Clinic

Oxford Bronchiectasis Clinic is based at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

We provide specialist assessment and management for people with bronchiectasis, including those with bronchiectasis associated with other lung conditions such as:

  • primary and secondary immunodeficiency syndromes (shared care with immunology)
  • non-tuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary disease
  • chronic aspergillus-related lung disease
  • rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease
  • primary ciliary dyskinesia.

Our clinic aims to:

  • confirm a definitive diagnosis of bronchiectasis
  • determine any underlying causes for bronchiectasis, acknowledging that over 50 percent of patients may not have an identifiable cause
  • develop a personalised self-management plan and communicate it to both the patient and their GP
  • regularly monitor patients who meet the criteria for secondary care follow-up.

Our team

Our multidisciplinary team includes four Consultants in Respiratory Medicine along with Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapists, Specialist Nurses and Secretaries.


  • Dr Stephen Chapman
  • Dr William Flowers
  • Dr Natasha Hough
  • Dr Nicholas Talbot

New patients

At their first clinic appointment, patients with a new diagnosis of bronchiectasis will see:

  • a Doctor (Consultant, Specialist Registrar or Clinical Fellow)
  • a Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist.

Patients who meet the criteria for secondary care monitoring will be reviewed at regular intervals to assess for any changes in their condition.

Complex cases are discussed weekly at a multidisciplinary (MDT) meeting.

Your appointment

You will have your spirometry (lung function test) checked.

The Doctor will ask about your medical history, examine you, arrange investigations looking for treatable causes for bronchiectasis, and advise on suitable treatments.

The Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist will ask about symptoms and provide assessment and advice on airway clearance and physical activity.

We will establish an individualised treatment plan and communicate this to you and your GP.


We currently offer a mix of virtual, telephone and face to face bronchiectasis clinics for routine care.

If you are not attending in person, we favour using virtual appointments using the NHS Attend Anywhere video consultation platform, although some appointments can take place over the phone.

If attending a virtual clinic, please use the Attend Anywhere link to join at your allocated appointment time.

Our virtual clinic takes place on Tuesday mornings, our face to face clinics take place on Tuesday afternoons, and we have a clinic on Wednesday afternoons for patients with complex lung infection due to Mycobacterium abscessus.

Clinic appointments may take up to one hour, depending on which members of the team you need to see. At every clinic visit you should expect to see a Doctor, and you may also see a Physiotherapist.

Contact us

If you would like more information about Oxford Bronchiectasis Clinic, please contact us.

Oxford Bronchiectasis Clinic
Cystic Fibrosis and Bronchiectasis
Chest Offices, Respiratory Medicine
Churchill Hospital
Old Road, Headington
Oxford OX3 7LE

Medical Secretary / Administrator

Connie Fine:

Tel: 01865 227921

Patient information

Patient information and self-management advice for patients is available at:

Advice for primary care

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has produced a concise, accessible Clinical Knowledge Summary for bronchiectasis:

Bronchiectasis | Health topics A to Z | CKS | NICE

Further reading

Gruffydd-Jones K, Keeley D, Wildgoose J, Hill A. Managing bronchiectasis in adults in primary care: a clinical update. Br J Gen Pract. 2021;71(705):183-184. Published 2021 Mar 26. doi:10.3399/bjgp21X715565

Last reviewed:25 June 2024