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Digital uPdates

The Trust has partnered with DrDoctor to provide a reminder service via text message for your outpatient appointments.

Cancelling / changing hospital follow-up appointments

January 2024

We are piloting a new DrDoctor functionality in Urology.

If you no longer need your appointment, you may now cancel it via SMS or in the DrDoctor portal. The clinical team may contact you, before we discharge you back to your GP.

Where clinics have appointments available, you may also reschedule your appointment via SMS or in the DrDoctor portal.

Where clinics do not have availability, we will review your request and send you an SMS text message if we have been able to reschedule your appointment.

This functionality will become more widely available in the next few months.

Patient Initiated Digital Mutual Aid System (PIDMAS)

Patient-initiated requests to move provider

October 2023

NHS patients in England, who have waited over 18 weeks for treatment, have the right to request treatment at a different hospital / from an alternative healthcare provider.

If you are eligible, we will send you a text message and/or letter on Tuesday 31 October 2023 with a link you can use to make such a request.

Please bear in mind that while it may be clinically appropriate for you to be treated at a different hospital / by an alternative provider, it is not always possible to find a suitable alternative provider for every patient.

Requesting treatment elsewhere does not always mean patients receive treatment sooner than if they remain on the waiting list at Oxford University Hospitals.

For more details please visit:

NHS England ยป Patient choice

NHS App integration with DrDoctor

October 2023

We are working with NHSE to incorporate new features for patients to view and manage their hospital appointments through integration with our DrDoctor portal.

NHS App users will be able to view all their referrals and future hospital appointments in one place, see a single point of contact for each appointment and access supporting information.

We expect additional functionality to enable patients to book, change or cancel their hospital appointments to become available.

For more information please visit NHS app.

Change to DrDoctor reminder texts

July 2023

Before your appointment you will receive a reminder text message, with a link to view your appointment letter through the DrDoctor portal.

The mobile number on the text message and email address will be different from the ones you have received previously.

Patients receive two reminder messages - one seven days before the appointment and another two days before the appointment.

Each message sent will include the link to the DrDoctor portal where you will be able to view all upcoming appointment details and any specific clinic information you may find helpful.

All appointments will also include location information, to help you find where you need to go and arrive on time.

New numbers and email address

The following mobile numbers and email address will be used:

  • (+44) 7860 039092
  • 077860 039092
  • 0044 7860 039092

All messages sent from these numbers or email address are genuine and not a scam.

In DrDoctor you can set a 'print preference' to receive paper letters. If you do this, we will still also send a digital letter.

You can also update your contact settings to turn off your mobile/email if you don't want to be contacted this way. Once you select this, it will apply to all clinics.

If you have selected the option not to receive paper letters, and you have not opened your digital letter, a paper letter will be sent out 48 hours after the digital letter.

Contact us

If you have any queries, please contact us via the number or email below.

Digital letter queries: 01865 222666


Last reviewed:15 January 2024