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Oxford Gait Laboratory

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Welcome to the Oxford Gait Laboratory

Walking is complex and difficult to analyse visually. Gait analysis allows specific assessment of walking patterns. Similarly, some aspects of hand and arm function are difficult to observe visually. Upper limb assessment allows a detailed investigation into the characteristics and deficits of hand and arm use.

With state-of-the-art motion capture equipment, we assess:

  • walking patterns to determine the cause of abnormalities and aid treatment planning
  • upper limb function and provide advice about therapy.

We collaborate with the University of Oxford on numerous research and development projects. Results of this research have been implemented in clinical practice both here and internationally (for example, the "Oxford Foot Model"). 

The Oxford Gait Laboratory is accredited by the Clinical Movement Analysis Society of UK and Ireland (CMAS) and is a member of the European Society of Movement Analysis in Adults and Children (ESMAC).

Hire the Oxford Gait Laboratory

The Oxford Gait Laboratory is available for hire for research and development projects.

Cost of using the Oxford Gait Laboratory depends on the amount of time required, how much staff input is required, and whether the use is for research or commercial development.

Please contact Dr Julie Stebbins for further information, and an estimate of costs.