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Oxford Gait Laboratory

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Gait analysis

Gait analysis is a method for measuring walking patterns.

How it works

Oxford Gait Laboratory is equipped with 16 motion-capture cameras, force plates and other state-of-the-art equipment.

Preparing for gait analysis, we stick small, reflective spheres to the lower body (and sometimes the upper body as well), which allows the cameras to record the way a person walks.

From this we can determine:

  • movement pattern of legs and feet
  • forces acting at the joints
  • activity of the muscles during walking
  • loading of the feet during walking.

This allows us to:

  • accurately measure abnormalities in walking patterns
  • help determine the cause of abnormalities during walking
  • provide information to assist clinical decisions about treatment, such as surgery, therapy and orthotics
  • evaluate the outcome of treatment, in order to maximise results.
Last reviewed:22 September 2023