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Career development

Joining the nursing team in Oxford Critical Care is a fantastic career choice.


We have an exceptional team of motivated and talented nurses within Oxford Critical Care, who are passionate about excellence in critical care nursing, while providing an environment that is accessible and supportive to learn in.

Whether you are new to critical care, or have experience elsewhere, there are sure to be career development pathways that will keep your career fresh and interesting.

If you would like to discuss your specific circumstances, you are welcome to get in touch and I can answer any questions you might have.


Work experience

Work experience is an opportunity for us to showcase all of the fantastic work that we do in Oxford Critical Care and inspire young people to consider a career in critical care and within the wider Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

If you would like to be considered for a work experience placement we would love to hear from you.

Email us with your CV and a cover letter.

Work experience


We recognise that one of the keys to an exceptional team is access to exceptional education opportunities.

As such, over a number of years, we have taken care to foster excellent relationships with Oxford Brookes University, University of Northampton and a number of professional bodies and networks, to be able to provide you with a menu of educational opportunities.

Wherever you see your career direction going, be it clinical, leadership / management, education or research, there are opportunities to support your career aspirations.

If you choose to join our team we will work with you to find out where you are, where you want to be and how we can get there together - this underpins the development of our team, and we believe it is so important.


Central to a vibrant and fulfilling career is access to varied and interesting opportunities.

We see these opportunities as entirely complementary to the education we provide for our team.

A few examples that exist within our current team are secondment opportunities to:

  • Tissue Viability
  • Health Infomatics
  • Clinical Governance
  • Outreach
  • Research.

Alongside these secondments are a host of other opportunities like 'Champion' roles and project membership.

Whatever your interest, there are opportunities for you. We will discuss these with you in line with your annual appraisal and development plan.


In a time of change and professional growth and challenge, effective mentorship can anchor us. This is why we regard mentorship as essential and absolutely complementary to the creation of opportunities within our team.

When you join our team, regardless of where you are in your critical care career, we will allocate a colleague to mentor you and support you while you find your feet in your role.

There is no time limit on this - we are all individuals with different requirements, and we will agree a plan with you that meets your needs.


Please visit:

Oxford Intensive Care Medicine - Fellowships

Last reviewed:29 September 2023