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Tuberculosis (TB) referrals

We do not accept referrals for travel, visa or immigration purposes.

If you require TB screening for travel, visa or immigration purposes, please contact your nearest travel health clinic and ask for advice, or seek screening through a private healthcare organisation.

Referral guidance

TB nurses are available Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm excluding Bank Holidays.

Healthcare professionals within OUH

To discuss a referral, please contact us.

Tel: 01865 225255

To refer patients for TB screening, please refer to the TB nurses via pools.

To do this: go to message centre and search for the patient; when searching for who to refer, please ensure pools is selected and then search Infectious and then select TB nurses.

To refer a patient who may have active TB to Dr McCallum, please again refer via pools however please refer via pools to Infectious Diseases, Access Team / Infectious Diseases C and then cc in Infectious Diseases TB Nurses on to the referral.

To refer patients who may have active TB to Dr Bettinson please refer via EPR and cc in Respiratory TB Nurses.

To refer paediatric cases of active TB to Dr Stephane Paulus please email and cc the TB Nurses:

Respiratory TB referrals

Please refer to Dr Bettinson and cc in TB nurses.

Out of hours

Please contact the ID/Micro team (SpR/Cons via Switchboard).

Healthcare professionals outside OUH

Contact the TB Nursing Team.

Tel: 01865 225255


GP referrals to Consultant should go through ERS but inform the TB Nurses of the referral via email:

Other healthcare professionals, please refer via:

Member of the public / non-healthcare professional

To discuss screening or concerns about TB, please contact us so we can assess relevant risk factors.

Tel: 01865 225255

If leaving a message please clearly state your:

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • NHS number (if known)
  • reason for call
  • telephone number

and we will call you back at the earliest opportunity.

You can also email your enquiry to us:


Last reviewed:16 January 2023