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Meeting papers for October 2023

Date: Monday 2 October 2023
Time: 6.00pm to 8.00pm
Location: Witney Corn Exchange, Market Square, Witney OX28 6AB

Item Reference Paper title
00CoG 2023.00 Agenda (pdf, 82 KB)
CoG 2023.22 Minutes of the Council of Governors Meeting held on Wednesday 12 July 2023 (Word, 219 KB)
06 CoG 2023.23 Assurance Briefing following the verdict in the trial of Lucy Letby (pdf, 161 KB)
07 CoG 2023.24 Updating Oxfordshire's Health and Wellbeing Strategy (pdf, 835 KB)
09 CoG 2023.25 Management of a Public Governor Vacancy (pdf, 119 KB)
10 CoG 2023.26 Patient Experience, Membership and Quality Committee Report (pdf, 132 KB)
11 CoG 2023.27 Performance, Workforce and Finance Committee Report (pdf, 214 KB)
Last reviewed:29 September 2023