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Data for research in the Thames Valley and Surrey

The responsible use of health and care data is essential for providing individual care, planning services and developing new medical treatments.

Across the country there is an increased focus on how to create better access to data for research, and maintaining the highest standards of security and confidentiality - see Dr Claire Bloomfield's blog:

Investing in the future of health research: secure, accessible and life saving - NHS England

Part of this new approach is to develop local Secure Data Environments (SDEs). NHS organisations in the Thames Valley and Surrey (TVS) are working together to set up a local SDE for research.

This environment will securely store patient data. People, like university or industry researchers, can apply to become approved users to access this data. The data they can see is agreed before they are given access. The data will not leave the NHS.

To help develop the local SDE, we are working with patients, the public and healthcare professionals.

If you would like to be involved, please contact us.

Contact us

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Executive Offices, John Radcliffe Hospital
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Further information about patient information within TVS is available at:

The Thames Valley and Surrey Care Records

Last reviewed:30 May 2023