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Turnaround times for Genetic / Genomic testing

Genomic testing in the NHS is being provided through a single national testing network.

As part of the introduction of the Genomic Medicine Service, turnaround times for Genetic/Genomic tests have been specified by NHS England.

The turnaround times are as follows.

Clinical urgency Example tests Calendar days

Urgent - ultra rapid
(Rare Disease and Cancer)

  • QF-PCR for rapid trisomy detection
  • Urgent haemato-oncology FISH/RT-PCR (e.g. BCR/ABL1, PML/RARA)
  • PCR-based tests for prenatal diagnosis (PND)

3 days

Urgent - rapid
(Rare Disease and Cancer)

  • Microarray for prenatal / urgent postnatal (e.g. neonatal referrals)
  • Urgent haemato-oncology karyotyping
  • Mutation specific molecular pathology tests
  • Southern blot tests where the result is needed urgently for PND
  • PCR-based tests for predictive testing
  • Confirmation of neonatal results (PCR based)
  • Barrier testing / familial mutation testing required in context of pregnancy

14 days

Urgent - complex rapid
(Rare Disease and Cancer)

Urgent panels, gene screens and exomes for relevant indications (treatment / antenatal)

21 days

Non-urgent - standard
(Somatic Cancer)

  • Standard haemato-oncology karyotyping (e.g. MDS)
  • Standard molecular haemato-oncology tests
  • NGS panels for haemato-oncology referrals
  • NGS panels for molecular pathology referrals

21 days

Non-urgent - standard
(Rare Disease)

  • Standard paediatric or fetal loss microarray
  • Postnatal karyotyping (e.g. fertility or familial microarray follow-up)
  • Standard single gene and small gene panel (<10 genes) sequencing
  • Known familial mutation testing including diagnostic confirmation, segregation analysis and carrier testing
  • Standard STR based analysis

42 days

Non-urgent - complex standard
(Rare Disease)

Large gene-panels (10 or more genes) or WES for standard referral indications

84 days

NIPT and Whole Genome Sequencing

The turnaround time for NIPT, when available, will be seven days and for Whole Genome Sequencing, when available, will be 84 days.

Last reviewed:02 August 2021