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The critical care team

Adult Critical Care Oxford is a service that stands out for its excellence both in terms of its outcomes in patient care and its aspirations for the future.

Our culture / networking

We are continually looking for ways to build a sincere ethos of improvement into the 'DNA' of what we do, learning together to ensure that the delivery of care to our patients and one another is the best that it can be.

Fundamental to this is growing a team of people who are respectful and compassionate towards each other and the patients and families who use our service.

If you join us, this is not something you just simply receive, but something you actively contribute to - this is a team effort.

If you are excited by the idea of being part of this growing team, then we would love to welcome you to Adult Critical Care Oxford!


  • Elaine Armstrong (Clinical Lead)
  • Graham Barker
  • Henry Bettinson
  • Andy Chadwick
  • Claire Colebourn
  • Peyton Davis
  • James Day
  • David Garry
  • Ben Griffiths
  • John Griffiths
  • Antonia James
  • Raja Jayaram
  • Clare MacEwen
  • Stuart McKechnie
  • Julian Millo
  • Toby Thomas
  • Laura Vincent
  • Peter Watkinson
  • Rob Wise (Deputy Clinical Lead)

Nursing team

  • Nathan Smith
  • Alexia Douglass
    Deputy Matron
  • Claire McMillan
    Deputy Matron
  • Trevor Venes
    Lecturer Practitioner

Senior Sisters / Charge Nurses

Unit Managers

  • Anne-Marie Sly
    Unit Manager, CICU
  • Melissa Lovell
    Unit Manager, AICU
  • Clare Morris
    Unit Manager, AICU

Nurse Leads

  • Andy Ellis
    Clinical Information Systems Lead
  • Anila Nair / Tracy Pearse
    Practice Development Nurse
  • Carolyn Soanes
    Respiratory Lead
  • Helen Pickworth
    Renal Lead
  • Frances Morison
    Neuro / Spinal Lead
  • Tiina Kauhanen
    Cardiac Lead
  • Cherry Lumley
    Clinical Governance Lead
  • Jessica Pountney
    Health and Wellbeing Lead
  • Hannah Routley
    Recruitment and Retention Lead


  • Jonathan Grant
    Clinical Lead Physiotherapist
  • Owen Gustafson
    Senior Clinical Academic Physiotherapist
  • Rebekah Haylett
    Team Lead Physiotherapist
  • Elizabeth King
    Clinical Academic Physiotherapist
  • Deborah Church
    Senior Critical Care Physiotherapist
  • Annika Jarman
    Senior Critical Care Physiotherapist
  • Christopher James
    Senior Critical Care Physiotherapist
  • Leanne Fives-Moriarty
    Rehabilitation Assistant
Last reviewed:17 June 2022