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Neuroscience inpatient therapy team

Our team treats a variety of complex neuroscience conditions. Common conditions include:

Common surgical procedures include:

Our Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists complete joint assessments, set joint goals with the patient and start early rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation may include strengthening exercises, balance work and walking practice in the gym and the ward. We may also complete 'functional assessments' (washing and dressing or kitchen practice) and cognitive assessments.

Once our patients are medically stable, we can refer them to local hospitals for further rehabilitation if necessary, or they can be discharged home.

Our team

  • Simon Lovett, Physiotherapist,
    Clinical Specialist in Neurosciences and Stroke Rehabilitation
    Tel: 01865 234583 Beep 6276
  • Liz Bellido, Neurosciences Physiotherapy Lead
    Tel: 01865 231715 Bleep 6258
  • Pippa Cooke, Neurosciences Occupational Therapy Lead
    Tel: 01865 234475 Bleep 6357

Fax: 01865 231585

Neurology Bleep:

  • Physiotherapy 6259
  • Occupational Therapy 6152

Neurosurgery Bleep:

  • Physiotherapy 6258
  • Occupational Therapy 1478