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Patient support

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There are several support groups providing comprehensive information for patients and carers living with MND.

The Motor Neurone Disease Association UK (MNDA)
Excellent website, including sections on diagnosis, symptom management, local contacts and current research.

Motor neurone disease (MND) - Healthtalk
Video interviews with MND patients and their carers, detailing their experiences of all aspects of the condition.

Augmentative and alternative communication for MND: best practice for professionals
For advice about AAC, this is a good starting point from theMNDA.

Inherited motor neurone disease (MND) - Healthtalk
Find out about the experiences of families living with inherited forms of motor neurone disease (MND).

Patient guides

Patient guides on commonly raised issues

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Books from our clinic

Patients and carers

'Motor Neuron Disease: The Facts' contains comprehensive information about the disease for patients and carers.

Motor Neuron Disease: The Facts

Healthcare professionals

Motor Neuron Disease - A Practical Manual

Last reviewed:25 April 2024