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Oxfordshire Tuberculosis (TB) Service

Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

For information about TB please visit the NHS website:

Tuberculosis (TB) - NHS website

Our services

Oxfordshire TB Service offers an outpatient service for individuals suspected and diagnosed with latent/active TB.

We specialise in supporting those with complex medical needs such as HIV, paediatric TB and multi-drug resistant TB.

We do this through face to face appointments, telephone consultations and home visits where appropriate.

TB nurses also support individuals diagnosed with TB while in hospital.

We offer TB screening for anyone who has had close contact with someone diagnosed with TB, or for anyone concerned they may have encountered the bacteria.

We can offer advice and information for the public, health professionals and GPs.

We offer the BCG vaccination only to those who meet specific criteria outlined in NICE guidelines and the Green Book.

Unfortunately, we do not offer screening for the purposes of travel, visas, or immigration.

Our team

  • Dr Andrew McCallum
    TB / Infectious Diseases Consultant
  • Dr Henry Bettinson
    TB / Respiratory Medicine Consultant
  • Stephane Paulus
    TB / Paediatric ID Consultant
  • Suzana Greenwood
    Lead TB Nurse
  • Elizabeth Davis
    TB Nurse Specialist (specialising in Paediatrics)
  • Priya Murugan
    TB Nurse Specialist (specialising in Paediatrics)
  • Geraldine Freeland
    TB Nurse Specialist
  • Eimear McDermott
    TB Nurse Specialist
  • Kranti Meshram
    TB Nurse Specialist
  • Bobbie Maccrindle
    TB Administrator
  • Alex Lordache
    TB Administrator
  • Tariq Ahmed
    Respiratory Outpatients Healthcare Assistant / Phlebotomist



Tuberculosis (TB) referrals

Last reviewed:09 May 2024