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Council of Governors election 2022

We were delighted with the response from our members to our call for nominations for our governor vacancies.

Thank you to those members who nominated themselves to stand for election and those members that took the time to vote.

Voting has now finished. If you would like a copy of the Declaration of Results for your constituency, please email

Due to the pandemic, elections were deferred from the summer of 2021 to spring 2022.
Turnout figures are slightly lower than the previous two elections.

Foundation Trusts have found that they receive high turnout figures in the first set of elections, after this the figures tend to decline over time, however our turnout figures are comparable with other trusts.

Due to COVID-19, the elections due to take place in 2020 were postponed until 2021 and the elections due to take place in 2021 were postponed until 2022 to bring them into alignment with the first cycle of elections.

The next elections will take place during the spring of 2024: further details will be available nearer the time.


Election turnout as a percentage of membership

Election turnout % Initial election 2015 2 yr
(1st cycle) 2017
(2nd cycle) 2018
(1st cycle) 2021
(2nd cycle) 2022
Bucks, Berks, Glos & Wilts 15 9 10 9 **
Cherwell 29 16 19 17 15
Northants & Warks 26 18 18 13 14
Oxford City 23 11 13 13 10
Rest of England and Wales 17 * 10 * 9
South Oxon 29 17 17 17 15
Vale of White Horse 27 17 17 18 15
West Oxfordshire 28 17 23 19 16
Staff - Clinical 16 5 8 12 7
Staff - Non-clinical 19 8 12 14 9

* Rest of England and Wales election takes place on a three-yearly cycle
** Elected unopposed

Declaration of Results for each constituency is available on the UK Engage website.

Last reviewed:28 April 2022