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OUH Docman Rejection Process

This method does not apply to Practices using Docman 10 or Docman 7.

To ensure that OUH can receive meaningful Docman rejection feedback from MESH-enabled GP Practices (SystmOne or EMIS), OUH has developed this rejection process to support the capturing of all necessary information.

Clinical correspondence rejection process

You must send the email from an email address or DCB1596 compliant email.

OUH is DCB1596 compliant so secure emails can be sent to addresses.

If clinical correspondence received by post is believed to be an error, please return to sender with reason enclosed, as per current practice.

Follow steps below

Please copy and paste the template below into an email and complete all details requested before sending.

Supplying all information requested and choosing the correct rejection reason from those listed will save time and the need for us to have to contact you for any missing information.

There should only be one reason selected per rejected letter.

Your rejection will be processed at OUH and errors corrected by the relevant specialty.

The correspondence will then be resent to you.

Email template

Ensure the subject is as shown below in your email.


Subject: Rejection of patient correspondence sent electronically by OUH

Body of email

This email template should only be used by MESH GP Practices (SystmOne or EMIS) to notify OUH that electronic clinical correspondence is rejected.

Patient correspondence was received electronically from Oxford University Hospitals in error by GP Practice using SystmOne or EMIS systems (fill in all details below):

GP Practice Details: [Enter details here]

Patient NHS Number: [Enter number here]

OUH Specialty: [Enter specialty here]

Date/Time correspondence received at GP Practice: [Enter dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss here]

Please indicate the reason for rejection by inserting an 'X' in the [ ] (only select the one reason that fits the rejection as listed below).

[ ] Patient is no longer registered at this Practice

[ ] Patient never registered at this Practice

[ ] Incomplete document

[ ] Document cannot be viewed

[ ] Deceased / end of life

[ ] Invalid document

If you have any other helpful information to provide, please respond below.

[Enter helpful information here]


Thank you for using this rejection service to provide meaningful feedback and improve clinical correspondence.

Last reviewed:28 June 2024