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Dermatology research

Our Dermatology Department supports clinical research which helps progress future developments for patients.

97 percent of the UK population believes it is important to support research; in addition 72 percent would like to be offered the opportunity to be involved in research. As a Dermatology patient you may be asked to take part in a clinical research study as part of your care.

As a participant you are our greatest asset; without your help and support we cannot complete our research work.

We know how busy you are, and we can offer flexibility, support and un-pressured discussion. Despite ever increasing limitations on our time, more people than ever are taking part in research studies.

Research team

Melanie Westmoreland, Research Coordinator

Melanie Westmoreland

Tel: 01865 228252

Emily Dwyer, Research Nurse

Emily Dwyer

Tel: 01865 225581

Sally Howes, Research Assistant

Sally Howes

Tel: 01865 227217

Working hours

Monday to Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm

Take part in a study

All research studies are totally voluntary and it is your decision whether or not to take part. You have the right to withdraw from a study at any time.

Rigorous processes are in place for protection and include a review of all studies by an NHS Research Ethics Committee, the role of which is to protect all our Dermatology research participants rights, dignity, safety and wellbeing at all times.

Feedback from those involved in Dermatology research shows that it can be a very rewarding experience.

Dermatology research trials


Listed below are links to websites you may find useful.


Your opinion counts.We would love to hear your views and how you feel about research; please also get in touch or if you want any further information.

Research Nurses
Dermatology Department
Churchill Hospital
Oxford OX3 7LE

Melanie Westmoreland:

We also have a small group of volunteers who are willing to spare their time to become actively more involved in the Dermatology research we undertake. This is an opportunity to discuss their views on forthcoming studies and opinions on patient information leaflets.

We appreciate the time and effort of all our participants, and all feedback counts.


Below are some of our Dermatology participants' statements and views on being involved in our Dermatology clinical research trials.

"I felt honoured to be asked at my age as I've reached 74 and have never been asked to take part in research before"
SKIN participant

"My skin is perfect just now but if I do have any flare up I will be in touch so I can take part in further studies"
SKIN participant

"Living in Oxford for many years I'm aware how important research is and so I'm very happy to take part in research or any trial"
SKIN participant

"I have so much faith in my doctor and really want to take part in research to help people like me in the future"
BADBIR participant

"I want to help and it’s great you are taking an interest in me"
SQUOLIT participant

"Having been diagnosed with Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia, I had discovered (via a support forum) that Guys Hospital was carrying out a research study into this condition. I was delighted to discover that the Dermatology Department at the Churchill is involved in the project and agreed to take part. Participation simply involved having a chat with a friendly Research Nurse and giving a small sample of blood. Hopefully the data collected may ultimately provide answers to the probable cause of FFA and subsequently a successful treatment."
HAIR participant

Last reviewed:23 March 2023