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Teenage and Young Adult MDT referrals

The Teenage and Young Adult multidisciplinary team (MDT) meeting is held every Monday 1.00pm - 2.00pm.

The TYA MDT is an essential component in providing high quality care to teenagers and young adults with cancer. The function of the MDT is to support the treatment recommendations made by the site specific MDT and to consider this in context of the psychosocial needs of the young person at the following time points:

  • new diagnosis
  • where there has been significant change i.e. relapse, toxicities
  • end of treatment
  • time of transition.

The MDT will ensure that:

  • patients are offered all appropriate avenues of support
  • psychological and social needs of TYA patients are addressed
  • patients are considered from a range of viewpoints and expertise
  • there is regular professional discussion and shared learning.

For more information on our TYA services please see:

Requesting an MDT discussion

To arrange an MDT discussion, please complete the MDT referral form below, as soon as a teenager or young adult is diagnosed with cancer. Please note: the TYA age bracket is 16 years 0 days - 24 years 364 days.

TYA cancer care MDT referral form (Word, 144 KB)

Requests for discussion at the Monday TYA MDT must be made to the MDT Coordinator by 10.00am the Friday before.

Please complete the form with as much information as possible and include:

  • copies of any relevant clinic letters
  • imaging reports
  • histology reports
  • site-specific MDT outcomes
  • your name and date of referral
  • Complete Trial information Yes/No, plus details of Trial if applicable.

This will ensure the most up-to-date information is available for discussion.

Please note: the requirement for discussion at the TYA MDT should not delay the commencement of the patient's treatment and a referral to the MDT does not constitute a transfer of medical care of the patient.

Send completed forms to: (only secure if sent from another address)

MDT Coordinator: 01865 572281

Actions upon receipt of referral

Confirmation of receipt of referral will be sent by the MDT Coordinator within 24 to 48 hours, using the method it was sent by. This will confirm the planned date of the MDT when the patient will be discussed.

Treating teams are encouraged to dial in by telephone during the MDT meeting to discuss the patient and to enable joint agreement of the patient's management plan, in line with NHS cancer guidance. This can be arranged by contacting the MDT Coordinator prior to the meeting.

MDT Coordinator: 01865 572281

Actions after MDT review

The completed MDT outcome form will be sent by the MDT Coordinator to the referrer via email to an account after the MDT meeting.

Young Lives Vs Cancer TYA team referrals

Please complete the referral form:

Young Lives Vs Cancer TYA cancer care referral form (Word, 91 KB)

Young Lives Vs Cancer eligibility for health professionals (pdf, 722 KB)

Send completed forms to:

For more information, please contact the Young Lives Vs Cancer TYA team: 01865 227403

TYA clinical psychology referrals

The TYA cancer clinical psychology service is available to all patients across the region, no matter where they are receiving treatment.

For referrals, please complete the TYA cancer clinical psychology service referral form:

TYA cancer clinical psychology service referral form (Word, 90 KB)

Teenage and Young Adult (TYA) Cancer Clinical Psychology Service - Guidelines for Referrers (pdf, 208 KB)

Send completed forms to: (only secure if sent from another address)

For more information or an informal discussion, please contact our Clinical Psychologist.

Tel: 01865 572281

Last reviewed:23 May 2023