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Centres and units on the hospital site

Brodey Cancer Centre

The Brodey Cancer Centre treats patients with cancer. A palliative care team – a full time nurse and visiting consultant from Katharine House Hospice – is based in the department. The centre has three oncologists who hold regular weekly outpatient clinics. There is also a haematologist based at the Horton.

There are no inpatient beds for oncology or haematology patients at the Horton, so some patients will need to be treated in Oxford. However, more and more patients are being seen in the Brodey Cancer Centre.

The Brodey Cancer Centre originally opened part-time in August 1998, with one chemotherapy trained nurse and a breast care nurse. It was the inspiration of, and partly funded by the family of a local business man, Ian Brodey, who had been treated for a haematological malignancy at the Horton General Hospital. His family donated generously in his name and the department has grown from strength to strength.

Brodey Cancer Centre: 01295 224198 (answerphone if receptionist unavailable)

Midwifery-led Unit

Please see Horton Midwifery-led Unit for information on the service currently being provided at the Horton and how to find out more.

Horton Midwifery-led Unit
Horton General Hospital
Oxford Road
Banbury, OX16 9AL

Midwifery-led Unit: 01295 229453 (appointments)

Women requiring specialist care are transferred to the Women's Centre at the John Radcliffe Hospital, or to other neighbouring units.

About the Midwifery-led Unit