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Shoulder and Elbow

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Welcome to the Shoulder and Elbow Service

Problems affecting the shoulder and elbow are widespread and can cause pain and a loss of ability to perform daily tasks, work and sporting activities.

We have a specialist team of staff who are dedicated to the diagnosis, investigation and treatment of all shoulder and elbow problems. We are a tertiary centre and accept referrals for specialist opinions in surgical and non-surgical cases.

We have a strong emphasis on patient information, research and outcome measures. We are the principal investigators for the UK Rotator Cuff Surgery Trial (UKUFF) and, with collaborators, have developed patient reported outcome measures (PROMS) for joints including the shoulder (Oxford Shoulder Score and Oxford Instability Shoulder Score) and the Oxford Elbow Score.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any queries. We are happy to help.

Referrals (doctor-to-doctor only)

If you are a patient please consult your GP who will refer you if appropriate.

Patient engagement

Oxford Patient Engagement Network for Arthritis (OPEN ARMS)