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ILD self-management

There are many things that you can do, to help manage your symptoms and slow the progression of ILD.

Lifestyle management

  • Eat a healthy diet and take regular exercise - visit Here for Health for advice and support
  • Stop smoking - visit Smoking Cessation
  • Stay up to date with vaccinations
  • Manage breathlessness using specific techniques
  • Join a Support Group

For more information please visit:

Live Well - NHS website

Breathlessness management

There are a number of physical techniques you can use to manage breathlessness. If appropriate, Oramorph can be prescribed to manage breathlessness.


Pulse oximetry

Your healthcare provider may give you a device called a pulse oximeter to use at home to monitor your oxygen saturation levels.

Home spirometry

Home spirometry was introduced in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, to allow patients to carry out spirometry in their own homes.

Home monitoring for patients with lung diseases during COVID-19 - March 2021

If appropriate, we may offer you a home spirometry device. You will take readings at home and upload them to an app. (You will need a suitable device and internet connection). We will let you know how often to take readings.


Last reviewed:20 December 2022