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Respect and Dignity at Work Including Sexual Safety at Work

'Sharepoint' links point to the OUH intranet, which is accessible to staff with an OUH login. 'OXNET' is also an internal system.

If you have been unable to resolve your concerns informally (see Informal concerns) you should raise a formal concern under the Trust's Respect and Dignity at Work (including Sexual Safety at Work) Procedure ( by completing the Request for Formal Resolution Form (

An initial meeting will be arranged with you within seven calendar days to discuss your complaint and, if appropriate, the manager will explore with you whether you would like to seek informal resolution of the issues. If you would, the manager will explore this with the other party to seek their agreement to informal resolution.

If informal resolution is not agreed then a formal investigation will take place. Once this is complete you will be notified of the outcome and will have the right to appeal the outcome.

At any time during the process, with the agreement of all parties, the process can be paused to allow facilitated conversation, mediation or another intervention to be completed.

Wellbeing support

Additional support for Sexual Safety in the workplace is available from:

Escalating a concern

If you feel your concern is not being responded to, you can escalate your concern through the following route:

  1. Line Manager
  2. Line Manager's Manager
  3. General Manager / Matron (or equivalent)
  4. Divisional Director of Operations / Nursing (or equivalent)
  5. Divisional Director (or equivalent)

If you feel you are not getting a response from your workforce team, you can escalate your concern through the following route:

  1. Divisional Head of Workforce
  2. Assistant Director of Workforce - Employee Relations
  3. Director of Workforce
  4. Chief People Officer
Last reviewed:18 March 2024