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Oxford Centre for Genomic Medicine

Alert COVID-19

Please find service updates and current visiting rules in our COVID-19 section.

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Oxford Centre for Genomic Medicine

June 2021 - COVID-19 update

General advice regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) for patients with rare genetic disorders (pdf, 269 KB)

Genetic Alliance UK COVID-19 information hub

Interactive online patient tool for people with rare diseases to better understand their risk of COVID-19
British Society for Genetic Medicine, the Clinical Genetics Society and Aimes

General advice regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) for patients with rare genetic disorders - Unique

Information on COVID-19 for people with rare disorders, including rare chromosome and gene disorders, as British Sign Language videos

Patients with Clinical Genetics appointments

Our working pattern has changed.

We are trying to keep to our usual clinic dates.

We are now offering most clinic appointments face to face.

If you are waiting for an appointment, please expect it to be in person unless we contact you to say it will be a telephone or video appointment.

In the event of a pregnancy at potential risk of a genetic problem, please contact us.

We will update this website further as our normal service resumes.

Important referral information

About us

Clinical Genetics is a medical specialty which is concerned with the cause, course, diagnosis and treatment of genetic and part-genetic disorders.

Oxford Regional Genetics Service is a service provided by Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

We are also known as Oxford Centre for Genomic Medicine.

100,000 Genomes Project

Additional findings

As part of consent to the 100,000 Genomes Project, participants were asked if they wanted to receive 'additional findings'.

This includes looking for alterations in specific genes that may increase the risk of developing certain health conditions, and are not related to the main reason why participants were recruited to the Project.

These additional findings will be returned in 2021-2022. You can find out more on the Genomics England website, including whether or not you agreed to receive information about these findings.

FAQ about Genomics England and the 100,000 Genomes Project

Virtual appointments

Important - if you log in to OUH e-Referral system and see a telemed appointment like this:

Screenshot with text at the foot of the screen indicated by an arrow

Please do not come to the genetics department as this is a virtual appointment. Please do not re-schedule.

You will receive a letter or an appointment in due course. If you have any queries please call 01865 226024