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Oxford Centre for Genomic Medicine

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Our team

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  • Dr Dorothy Halliday (Lead Clinician)
    NHS Consultant
    Special interests: cancer genetics; VHL; NF2
  • Dr Edward Blair
    NHS Consultant
    Special interests: cardiac genetics; Marfan syndrome; lead for 100,000 Genomes Project
  • Dr Deirdre Cilliers
    NHS Consultant
    Special interests: prenatal genetics
  • Dr Lara Hawkes
    NHS Consultant
    Special interests: cancer genetics
  • Dr Usha Kini
    NHS Consultant
    Special interests: dysmorphology; brain malformations; cleft lip and palate; NF1
  • Dr Andrea NĂ©meth
    NHS Consultant
    Special interests: Huntington disease; ataxia; neurogenetics
  • Dr Debbie Shears
    NHS Consultant
    Special interests: dysmorphology; skeletal dysplasias; disorders of sex development; craniofacial
  • Dr Joyce Solomons
    NHS Consultant
    Special interests: cancer; gynaecological cancers
  • Dr Helen Stewart
    NHS Consultant
    Special interests: dysmorphology; skin and eye genetics; immunology
  • Dr Lisa Walker
    NHS Consultant
    Special interests: cancer genetics; breast cancer; skin cancer

University Staff

  • Prof Andrew Wilkie (Honorary)
    Special interests: craniosynostosis
  • Prof Richard Gibbons (Honorary)
    Special interests: ATRX
  • Prof Joanna Poulton (Honorary)
    Special interests: mitochondrial genetics
  • Dr Cyril Chapman (Emeritus)
    Special interests: IT
  • Dr Elizabeth Ormondroyd
    Principal Investigator in RDM

Specialist Registrars

  • Dr Anna de Burca
    Specialist Registrar
  • Dr Lucy Hanington
    Specialist Registrar
  • Dr Erina Sasaki
    Clinical Fellow in Genetics

Genetic Counsellors

  • Barbara Stayner (Lead Genetic Counsellor)
    Consultant Genetic Counsellor
  • Gael Bretz
    Principal Genetic Counsellor
  • Jo Lowndes
    Principal Genetic Counsellor
  • Peter Risby
    Principal Genetic Counsellor
  • Ruth Robertson
    Principal Genetic Counsellor
  • Kathryn Lubasch
    Principal Genetic Counsellor
  • Nilotpal Chauhan
    Genetic Counsellor
  • Smrithi Devaiah
    Genetic Counsellor
  • Anita Matadeen
    Genetic Counsellor
  • Sally North
    Genetic Counsellor
  • Urvi Savania
    Genetic Counsellor
  • Sian Sperring
    Genetic Counsellor (Ophthalmology - John Radcliffe)
  • Hannah Wakelin
    Genetic Counsellor
  • Samantha Boland (Trainee in Genomic Counselling)
  • Jamie Forrest (Trainee in Genomic Counselling)
  • Megan Jones (Trainee in Genomic Counselling)

Family History Coordinators Team

  • Emma Ablett
    Genomics Assistant
  • Fiona Elbourn
    General Genetics Family History Coordinator
  • Gill Higgs
    Cancer Genetics Triage Nurse
  • Wioletta Hurdha
    Administrative Assistant

Research Team

  • Elena Hazzell
    Research Data Coordinator
  • Hellen Purnell
    Clinical Trials Administrator
  • Angela Bloss
    Clinical Research Nurse
  • Kathryn Saunders
    Clinical Research Nurse
  • Yolanda Warren
    Clinical Trials Practitioner