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Vision and values

Our core Values are excellence, compassion, respect, delivery, learning and improvement.

The OUH Vision is to 'be an exemplar in healthcare delivery that is compassionate and enabled by the highest levels of research and innovation', centred on our Trust values and underpinned by four strategic pillars which are the building blocks of all that we can achieve together - these are People, Patient care, Performance and Partnerships.

We aim to provide excellent care with compassion and respect

We will do this by:

  • taking pride in the quality of care we provide;
  • putting patients at the heart of what we do and recognising different needs;
  • encouraging a spirit of support, respect and teamwork;
  • ensuring that we act with integrity;
  • going the extra mile and following through on our commitments;
  • establishing systems and processes that are sustainable.

We aim to deliver, learn and continuously improve

We will do this by:

  • delivering high standards of healthcare based on national and international comparisons;
  • delivering the best clinical teaching and research;
  • adopting the best clinical research in patient care;
  • striving to improve on what we do through change and innovation;
  • monitoring and assessing our performance;
  • learning from successes and setbacks;
  • working in partnership across the Health and Social Care Community.

This vision is underpinned by the Trust's founding partnership with the University of Oxford and reflects our position as a provider of healthcare both for local people and for a wider population.

The patient is at the heart of everything the Trust does. We are committed to delivering high quality care to patients irrespective of age, disability, religion, race, gender and sexual orientation, ensure that our services are accessible to all, but tailored to the individual.

Central to the Trust's vision are its staff. We aim to recruit, train and retain the best people to enact its values and achieve our vision.

We strive for excellence in healthcare by:

  • encouraging a culture of support, respect, integrity and teamwork
  • monitoring and assessing our performance against national and international standards
  • learning from our successes and setbacks
  • striving to improve what we do through innovation and change
  • working in partnership and collaboration with all the agencies of health and social care in the area we serve.

The Trust is also committed to be an active partner in healthcare innovation, research and workforce education, with the aim of forming an effective bridge between research in basic science and in healthcare service provision, and the delivery of evidence-based, best practice care, turning today's discoveries into tomorrow's care.

The NHS Operating Framework for 2012/13 explains that the adoption and spread of effective innovation and best practice is a priority and that the promotion and conduct of research continues to be a core function of the NHS.

The Trust's vision and values inform its Strategic Objectives which in turn form the basis of the Integrated Business Plan.

Last reviewed:09 May 2024