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Churchill Intensive Care Unit

One of the most striking developments over the last 30 years has been the ability to support patients with multiple organ failure until they can recover.

Developments in the science of intensive and high-dependency care have allowed medicine to carry out increasingly complex and advanced treatments for serious disease.

The Churchill Intensive Care Unit (CICU), based at the Churchill Hospital site, cares for adult patients who are critically ill and are in need of this intensive and high-dependency care. Our aim is to provide high standards of care to patients and to support visitors and relatives as best we can. All our staff strive to maintain these standards.

The CICU has eight beds, six on the main unit, and two isolation siderooms. The unit is part of a larger service which provides the ability to care for 24 occupied beds. This total number of beds is achieved together with the Adult Intensive Care Unit (AICU), based at the John Radcliffe Hospital site. Our nursing and medical staff work between the two sites to enable this to happen.

The CICU provides this service for the Churchill Hospital site with the main work activity being elective surgical work.

The two main specialties provided are cancer and organ transplant surgery.

Other specialties include:

  • haematology (blood disorders)
  • renal and urology (kidney and urinary tract disorders)
  • infectious diseases
  • endocrine (disorders with glands that produce hormones)
  • respiratory (chest disorders) medicine.

Our staff

Please see Adult Critical Care Unit - our staff

Find us and contact us

Level 1, Surgery and Diagnostics, Churchill Hospital

Enquiries about patients currently on CICU: 01865 235078 / 235077 / 235074

Non-patient related enquiries: