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Respiratory Medicine referrals

The Respiratory service is a consultant-led service with a 'consultant of the week' model where the on-call consultant is available by mobile phone via the switchboard for urgent queries.

Oxford Centre for Respiratory Medicine

Oxford Centre for Respiratory Medicine is based at the Churchill Hospital (outpatients, lung function laboratory), John Radcliffe Hospital (Respiratory Intervention Service, inpatients and some outpatients) and there is also a service at the Horton General Hospital in Banbury.

General queries email advice service


Consultants are happy to be contacted directly by phone or email for more specialist issues (contact details below).

Main services

  • General respiratory outpatient consultations (for list of clinics see below)
  • Inpatient beds, including plus two high-dependency beds (John Radcliffe Hospital)
  • Respiratory Intervention Service (John Radcliffe Hospital)
    • Bronchoscopy (including diagnostic, autofluorescence, endobronchial ultrasound, fluoroscopic and interventional bronchoscopy)
    • Pleural procedures (medical thoracoscopy, image-guided pleural biopsies, indwelling pleural catheter service and pleural aspiration)
  • Lung function laboratory (Churchill Hospital)
  • Cystic Fibrosis Unit
  • Interstitial lung disease service
  • Lung cancer unit
  • Pleural diseases unit
  • Respiratory Clinical Trials Unit
  • Sleep and ventilation unit:
    • six sleep laboratories
    • CPAP service (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure for obstructive sleep apnoea)
    • non-invasive ventilation service for hypoventilation syndromes
  • Special airway clinic (severe asthma, COPD, chronic cough)
  • TB service with infectious diseases unit

There are supporting specialist nurses for the following conditions:

  • Bronchiectasis and Cystic fibrosis
  • COPD
  • Interstitial lung diseases
  • Lung cancer
  • Pleural diseases and mesothelioma
  • Sleep and ventilation disorders
  • Tuberculosis


  • Maxine Hardinge
    General Respiratory, COPD, Sleep and Ventilatory failure
    Tel: 01865 225234
  • Henry Bettinson
    General Respiratory, TB and ITU Consultant
    Tel: 01865 225234
  • Steve Chapman
    General Respiratory, Bronchiectasis, Cystic Fibrosis and University Appointment
    Tel: 01865 225713
  • William Flowers
    General Respiratory, Adult Cystic Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis and NTM
    Tel: 01865 225713
  • Ling-Pei Ho
    General Respiratory, Sarcoidosis, Interstitial Lung Disease and University Appointment
    Tel: 01865 225223
  • Rachel Hoyles
    General Respiratory and Interstitial Lung Disease
    Tel: 01865 225223
  • Alastair Moore
    General Respiratory and Lung Cancer
    Tel: 01865 225252
  • Annabel Nickol
    General Respiratory, Sleep and Ventilatory Failure
    Tel: 01865 225230
  • Ian Pavord
    General Respiratory, Airway disease (severe asthma, COPD, cough) and University Appointment
    Tel: 01865 225234
  • Ioannis Psallidas
    General Respiratory, Pleural Medicine and University Appointment
    Tel: 01865 225230
  • Najib Rahman
    General Respiratory, Pleural Medicine and University Appointment
    Tel: 01865 225230
  • Simon Richards
  • Rolf Smith
    General Respiratory (also General Medicine) at Horton
    Tel: 01295 229028
  • Anny Sykes
    General Respiratory, Lung Cancer and Pleural Medicine
    Tel: 01865 225252
  • John Wrightson
    General Respiratory, Lung Cancer and Pleural Medicine
    Tel: 01865 225252

Outpatient clinics

We have general respiratory outpatient clinics but also several multidisciplinary clinics which streamline patient care. Clinics with their relevant consultants are:

  • Bronchiectasis Clinic
    • Dr Flowers
    • Dr Hough
    • Dr Talbot
  • COPD Clinic
    • Dr Bafadhel
    • Dr Hardinge
  • Cystic Fibrosis Clinic
    • Dr Chapman
    • Dr Flowers
    • Dr Talbot
    • Dr Hough
  • Interstitial Lung Disease Clinic
    • Dr Hoyles
    • Dr Ho
  • Lung Cancer Clinic
    • Dr Moore
    • Dr Sykes
    • Dr Wrightson
  • Pleural Clinic
    • Dr Psallidas
    • Dr Rahman
  • Sarcoidosis Clinic
    • Dr Ho
  • Sleep and Ventilation Clinic
    • Dr Hardinge
    • Dr Nickol
  • Special Airway Clinic (severe asthma, cough, COPD)
    • Prof Pavord
    • Dr Bafadhel
  • TB Clinic
    • Dr Bettinson
    • Dr McCallum (ID)

Referring via e-Referral

Use e-Referral for booking routine and urgent patients (with the exception of 2 Week Wait referrals for suspected cancer only - see below). If your referral is urgent or you wish to discuss a patient’s care directly with a consultant, you may consider calling the relevant consultant on the appropriate number above.

Sleep patients: sleep patients booked via e-Referral are mapped directly to a hospital sleep study first, unless an outpatient appointment is specifically booked and a sleep study is inappropriate. This is more efficient in establishing a diagnosis of sleep apnoea as quickly as possible. The hospital sleep study may get changed to a home sleep study if the patient prefers.

Referral guidelines: sleep apnoea syndrome (Word, 128 KB)

Directly Bookable Service for Respiratory Outpatients

The GP surgery will generate an appointment referral request with appropriate priority (urgent or routine) for the service on e-Referral and UBRN in the usual way.

An electronic proforma or appropriate letter needs to be attached to the e-Referral system by the surgery within 48 hours for a routine or urgent appointment.

In the case that the Trust cannot provide an immediate appointment, 'Defer to Provider' can be selected and Trust processes will be in place to contact the patient within 48 hours for an urgent or routine appointment.

18WW clock will start on the date the GP or patient makes the appointment booking.

GPs should check their patients have appointments on their e-Referral worklist. This applies to all appointment requests made through e-Referral.

Please note exclusions:

2WW for suspected cancer only to remain as existing process.

For further information please visit 'e-Referral':


2 Week Wait patients

For 2 Week Wait referrals for suspected lung cancer only, please complete the referral proforma and follow the usual route for 2 Week Wait referrals.

Occasionally patients will be upgraded to a cancer pathway following an incidental finding on imaging. In these cases, you will be informed that your patient has been sent an appointment in the lung cancer service.

Only patients with suspected lung cancer should be referred via the 2 Week Wait system. Other patients with urgent non-malignant conditions should be referred urgently and, if required, discussed with the relevant consultant.

Ward admissions

The inpatient respiratory ward, formerly the Geoffrey Harris Ward at the Churchill Hospital, is now the Osler Respiratory Unit on Ward 5 C/D, Level 5, John Radcliffe Hospital.

These two wards provide 24 nursed beds in 23 side rooms with one two bed bay.

Six beds are for HDU patients and two beds for Cystic Fibrosis patients.

  • Osler Respiratory Unit: 01865 221966
  • Acute JR registrar: 5005
  • Ward consultant: radiopage via Switchboard: 0300 304 7777
  • Referrals: registrar bleep 5005
  • Pleural patient referrals:

Please contact Maxine Hardinge, Respiratory Clinical Lead with any queries.

Email advice service

A consultant reviews the requests for advice made via the email advice service on a daily basis.


This can be used for advice for patients known to us with chronic disease, or if there is uncertainty around the need for referral, or, for example, for queries around interpretation of spirometry.

Oxford Pleural Unit

Oxford Pleural Unit will take referrals or provide advice on pleural diseases via email, or using traditional methods.


Last reviewed:12 March 2024