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NOC Radiology: your scan

Before your scan, a radiographer will check your MRI safety questionnaire and explain what will happen. You may need to change into a hospital gown. We normally ask you to remove all jewellery and piercings. If you are unable to remove certain items, e.g. wedding rings please telephone for advice.

Watches, credit cards, mobile phones etc., cannot be taken into the scan room. Lockers are provided but the hospital is unable to take responsibility for any loss.

Examination times vary according to the area we are scanning but are usually around 30 minutes.

The radiographer will position you as comfortably as possible, with the area being scanned in the middle of the magnet.

The radiographer will not be in the room with you during the scan, but will be able to see you and talk to you over an intercom.

Both MRI scanners make a loud tapping noise. You will be provided with ear protection to reduce the noise to a safe level. You may also notice a slight vibration.

We are able to play music during the scan. You may bring a CD with you if you wish.

Scan results

Once your scan has been completed it will be examined by a Senior Radiologist who will report the results to the person who referred you. You will be notified of the result as follows:

  • If you were referred directly by your General Practitioner (GP), you should telephone your GP's practice two weeks after your scan.
  • If you were referred by a clinician at the NOC, you will, unless you have been given alternative arrangements, receive a letter from the clinic advising that:
    • you should return for further consultation, or
    • you should be given a programme of specific exercises or treatment, or
    • there is no need for further action.

If you are concerned that you have not heard from the clinic, please contact your clinician's secretary. You will not hear back directly from the MRI Department.