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Pelvic Pain Clinic resources

Understanding pain

General exercise

Always follow advice when starting a new exercise programme.

  • Pilates
    See the APPI website for information on where to find physiotherapist-led classes in your area -
    Also use this website to find the DVD 'Pilates for low back pain'.
  • Gym membership
    It may be possible for your GP to refer you for a gym membership at a reduced cost. Make an appointment with them to discuss this option.
  • Swimming
    This is a good way to get your body moving without putting extra strain on your pelvis.

Specialist physiotherapy

POGP website (specialist professional group for women's health physiotherapists)

Helpful reading

Medication information leaflets

Psychosexual therapy

Long-term pain

For difficulties which are commonly experienced alongside long-term pain (e.g. depression, anxiety and sleep problems)


Mindfulness is an approach which some people with long-term pain find helpful.

The skill of mindfulness is learnt through meditation. There are a wide range of resources available.


  • 'Mindfulness for health' by Burch and Penman (includes CD)
  • 'Finding peace in a frantic world' by Williams and Penman (includes CD, a good general book but not specifically for people living with pain)
  • 'Full catastrophe living' by Kabat-Zinn

Web resources