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Long service awards

Upon retirement from the Trust, you will receive a gift in recognition of your NHS service and loyalty. The value of this gift depends on the number of years you have spent in the NHS.

Length of service Value of gift
10 - 14 years £150
15 - 19 years £200
20 - 24 years £250
25 - 34 years £300
35 - 44 years £400
45 years or more £500

The Trust seeks to formally acknowledge and recognise the contribution and loyalty of those individuals who have given 25 years service to the NHS, 10 of which must be as an employee of Oxford University Hospitals. The award is in the form of high street retail vouchers.

The way we issue the gift is by issuing a Compliments Card. Details of the retailers this can be used at (both in store and online) can be accessed online. This will be sent directly to the employee's home address with details of how to activate the card online.

Application process

  • Line manager sends Long Service / Retirement Gratuity application to HR
  • HR checks NHS service and confirms reward value
  • HR sends information about employee and reward to Edenred on first of month
  • Edenred sends Compliments Card directly to employee's home address before the end of the month
  • Activation code for Compliments Card is sent directly to employee's home address in a separate posting
  • Employee activates card online
  • Compliments Card is ready, employee can go shopping