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Lionel Cosin Day Unit

Welcome to the Lionel Cosin Day Unit, which is on Level 4 of the main John Radcliffe Hospital.

The Lionel Cosin Day Unit aims to provide a friendly and holistic service. The two main areas for referral to our clinics are outpatient referrals from primary care, or inpatient referrals and the Daily Diagnostic Unit.

Clinics include:

  • Geratology
  • Movement Disorder
  • TIA
  • Memory
  • Falls
  • OXVASC (vascular)
  • DENDRON (research / dementia).

The Lionel Cosin Day Unit is staffed by a team of nurses. Patients attending the Lionel Cosin Day Unit usually see at least two members of our team - for example, nurses, doctors or specialist nurses.

The Daily Diagnostic Unit provides services to patients who have recently been discharged from a ward or from their acute admission. They may require medical reviews, repeat blood tests, scans or IV antibiotics.

Follow-up appointments or referrals to other healthcare professionals are arranged if needed.

Hot and cold drinks are available throughout the day, and a light lunch is provided if required. There is no charge for this.

At the Lionel Cosin Day Unit we aim to:

  • provide specialist health services for older people - these include both identifying the causes of health problems and also providing advice and help with treatment
  • prevent unnecessary admission to hospital
  • help patients remain in their own environment/home
  • help maintain independence
  • provide carer information
  • liaise with other agencies.

Find us and contact us

The Lionel Cosin Day Unit is based on Level 4 of the John Radcliffe Hospital main building.

How to find the John Radcliffe Hospital

Please come in through the Level 2 main entrance and carry on along the main corridor to the lift lobby. From there, please take a lift up to Level 4 and look to the side for a sign saying:

Lionel Cosin Day Unit
Daily Diagnostic Unit

The Lionel Cosin Day Unit is open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm excluding Bank Holidays.

Daily Diagnostic Unit patients can be seen from 8.00am - 8.00pm.

Tel: 01865 228777

Last reviewed:09 February 2024