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Urgent Gynaecology Clinic, JR Women's Centre - referrals

Service change - 11 June 2018

From Monday 11 June 2018 the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU) will operate from:

Rose Hill Community Centre
Carole's Way
Rose Hill
Oxford OX4 4HF

The Urgent Gynaecology Clinic in the John Radcliffe Hospital Women's Centre will close.

For non-pregnant women requiring urgent hospital review: contact the registrar on call.

Women attending the Rose Hill EPAU do not need to have been seen by a GP or have a referral letter.

They do need to contact the EPAU to make an appointment on 01865 221142 so that we can make sure they are being seen in the appropriate place.

EPAU opening hours

  • Monday to Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm at Rose Hill
  • Saturday 9.00am - 2.00pm in the Diagnostic Suite, Women's Centre, JR
  • Outside clinic hours we will see women on the Gynaecology Ward: 01865 222001/2

Urgent Gynaecology Clinic

Clinic times

The clinic runs weekdays only, excluding Bank Holidays.

All staff are in clinic at 8.00am. There are twelve appointment slots starting at 8.10am, every 20 minutes until 12.00 noon. If a patient has to be seen when all the slots are full, extra appointments may be made at 8.15am, 8.45am, 10.00am and 11.00am and the patient should be informed that they will have to wait.

The phone line for advice is available from 8.00am until 2.00pm.


The Clinic staff includes:

  • specialist nurse
  • care support worker,
  • obstetric ultrasonographer
  • SHO
  • registrar.

It is supervised by a consultant gynaecologist.

Source of referral

The clinic takes referrals from:

  • GPs
  • Community midwives
  • Emergency Department
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology staff

Patients should be given a referral letter, or notes should be sent to the clinic prior to the appointment.

Referral criteria

  • Patients with a positive pregnancy test under 16 weeks' gestation with the following:
    • PV bleeding
    • Pain
    • Hyperemesis
  • Continuous PV bleeding >6 weeks after child birth
  • Bartholin's or labial abscess
  • Post procedure complications (after discussion with on-call registrar)
  • Abdominal pain (after discussion with on-call registrar)

Patients who have had a previous ectopic pregnancy and now have a positive pregnancy test with no pain or bleeding are not to be referred to the Urgent Gynaecology Clinic: the GP should refer them to Maternity Ultrasound on Level 4 for a routine early scan at seven weeks' gestation.

Patients with suspected ectopic pregnancy should be referred directly through the on-call registrar as an emergency.

Appointment booking

The clinic nurse will book the appointments during the clinic times. The diary is kept on the ward outside clinic times.

Ward staff may book appointments for patients who:

  • are 6 to 16 weeks pregnant experiencing PV bleeding, pain or hyperemesis
  • who have a labial or Bartholin's abscess

All other referrals must be made via the on-call registrar.


Hyperemesis (excessive vomiting in early pregnancy)