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Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Bereavement Service

The Bereavement Service offers practical and emotional support to the immediate family or next of kin of anyone who dies as a patient of the Trust, together with anyone who is bereaved and connected with the Trust.

This includes working with medical, midwifery and nursing colleagues to ensure prompt completion of all the necessary paperwork after a death, as well as explaining to the bereaved how to register a death and how to find a funeral director, or arrange a funeral without a funeral director.

We work closely with the Coroner's Service, the Oxfordshire Registration Service and local funeral directors to ensure that the bereaved have access to all the information and services they require. When necessary the bereavement team will refer families to the appropriate Coroner's Officer.

Leaflet: Bereavement Services - what happens next? (pdf)

Death registration

There is a part-time death registration service available at the John Radcliffe Hospital: appointments for this service are made by the bereavement staff.

An appointment can be made at any of the Oxfordshire Death Registration offices:

Tel: 0345 241 2489

However we would recommend that an appointment is not made until you have received confirmation from either the bereavement staff or the Coroner's Officer (if appropriate) that the necessary documents are available.

The service is provided across all sites and families are seen on an appointment basis, although we will always try and respond to urgent requests for assistance. The team comprises a manager, a number of bereavement coordinators and an administrator.

Not all offices have a member of staff permanently present, as staff move between sites as required, but all answerphones are checked on a regular basis, so please do leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Find us and contact us

All offices provide a service Monday to Friday, except Bank Holidays.

John Radcliffe Hospital

Tel: 01865 220110 8.00am - 5.00pm (4.30pm Friday)

If you are attending for an appointment, please walk through main reception to the main corridor and enter Bereavement Reception on your left.

On the far wall you will see a sign to press a button - this will ring a bell in our office. We will then come through and greet you, ahead of your meeting with the Bereavement Officer.

If you drive to the hospital aim to park in Car Park 1 or 2 and collect a ticket on arrival: please bring your ticket with you to the appointment.

Getting to the John Radcliffe

Churchill Hospital

Tel: 01865 225022 8.00am - 4.00pm

The Bereavement Office is near the old main entrance (Car Park 4). Turn left at the Porter's Lodge and the Bereavement Office is the second door on the left.

Getting to the Churchill

Horton General Hospital

Tel: 01295 229386 8.00am - 4.00pm

The Bereavement Office is near the main reception, next to the Chapel.

Getting to the Horton

Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre

Please contact us via PALS: 01865 220110

For families who have experienced a bereavement

What needs to happen before you receive an appointment to collect the death certificate

Families can expect to receive a holding call from the Bereavement Office to advise them we have received the paperwork from the wards and that the process of producing the death certification has started.This will be on Monday if the death occurs after office hours on Friday or on Tuesday if after a bank holiday weekend. If death occurs during the night we will delay ringing you until later in the day.

If the deceased:

  • was admitted due to a fall
  • was admitted as a result of an unnatural event (i.e. a road traffic accident, assault etc.)
  • died within 24 hours of admission
  • underwent a procedure that required a general anaesthetic
  • underwent chemotherapy 30 days before death

there will need to be a referral to the Coroner, so there may be a slight delay in being offered an appointment with us, but we will keep in touch with you.

The Bereavement Office will make every effort to keep these delays to a minimum, as we know this is an anxious and stressful time for all involved.

Appointments to view a person who has died may be possible, but only during Bereavement Service opening times (not weekends).

Unfortunately, we are not always able to accommodate requests for viewings, as our viewing facilities are also used by the Coroner's office and the Police.

Information for families

We have leaflets for families which give details of specialist support services, and also offer leaflets by other agencies, such as 'What to do after a death', and the SF200 claim form for help with the cost of a funeral for bereaved families who receive qualifying benefits.

Post mortems and retained organs

If you have experienced the death of a loved one in the past, and think a post mortem examination was carried out in Oxford and are worried that organs or tissue may have been retained, you are welcome to contact us.

Gaynor Parsons: 01865 572688

Bereavement services following late miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death

A specialist bereavement midwife and a dedicated team provide care and support for women and their families following pregnancy loss from around 12 weeks onwards.

This includes babies who have sadly died shortly after birth.

If you have suffered a loss, we will usually care for you in a dedicated bereavement suite, where partners are also encouraged to stay.

Support with registration requirements, information relating to funerals and emotional support through the whole process is offered.

Bereavement information packs are also provided by Oxfordshire Stillbirth and Neonatal Death (Sands) in addition to hospital information leaflets.


Following the loss of your baby. What to expect when you leave hospital - taking care of your physical wellbeing (pdf)

What should I do now? Advice and support following the loss of your baby (pdf)

If you would like to talk to someone for more information, please do contact us - details below.

  • Paula Gallacher
    Bereavement Specialist Midwife
    John Radcliffe Hospital
    Tel: 01865 227778

Paula Gallacher is the Bereavement Specialist Midwife at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

If you feel that you need further support after you have left the hospital, please contact Paula.

She works closely with bereaved families to offer practical and emotional support, and can direct families to 'Petals', the specialist counselling service available.

  • Julie Watson
    Bereavement Officer
    Horton General Hospital
    Tel: 01295 229386

John Radcliffe Maternity Ashfield Fund

The Ashfield Fund, part of Oxford Hospitals Charity, is based at the John Radcliffe Hospital and helps to care for women and their families when they have lost a baby late in pregnancy or shortly after giving birth.

The Fund helps to support the bereavement suites, funds specialist counselling for families, and provides items which enable parents to spend a little more time with their baby and create lasting and tangible memories.

If you would like to support this worthwhile cause, please visit:


Petals is a charity that provides a free specialist counselling service for women and their partners following stillbirth, neonatal death, late miscarriage and termination of pregnancy following fetal abnormalities.

Please contact them to find out more:

Learning from Bereaved Families' experiences

We would like to send you the Maternity Bereavement Experience Measure (MBEM) questionnaire.

For more information about this, please read the document at the link below:

Learning from Bereaved Families' experiences (pdf, 197 KB)

Finding a Rainbow Project

A 'rainbow baby' is a baby born following the loss of another baby. A rainbow is something beautiful that follows a storm, and, while it doesn't deny the storm, it offers beauty and hope of brighter days to come.

Charity 'Kicks Count' has created helpful bundles for families, both parents and siblings, in organic cotton rainbow bags.

Full details can be found at

To claim a bundle for your family, contact Paula Gallacher for your unique reference code.