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Churchill Hospital wards

There may be times when the visitor is asked to move away from the bedside for short periods of time for clinical reasons.

We are unable to allow flowers.

Please wash your hands or use the alcohol hand gel (on the wall by the entrances to the wards) when you arrive and when you leave.

If you have had an infectious illness, such as diarrhoea, vomiting or a cold, please wait until you are completely better before visiting.

Ashley Day Surgery Unit
From the main entrance (Surgery and Diagnostics) go straight ahead past WHSmith and Radiology on your right. At the end of the corridor take the ramp or stairs to Level 1. The Ashley Day Surgery Unit is on the right, just beyond the League of Friends.

  • Open: 7.30am - 8.00pm.
  • Please bring a tablet, book or magazine with you in case you have to wait a short while.
  • Speak to a member of the team if you have any questions.
  • Tel: 01865 225283

Bagot and Drake Ward (Endocrine Day Case Unit)

  • Open: Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm.
  • Not open weekends or on Bank Holidays.
  • Ward: 01865 857334

Blenheim Head and Neck Unit

Blenheim 2 (Pain relief) - please note, this is not the Blenheim Head and Neck Unit, above

Turn right down the long corridor at the League of Friends and follow the signs for Pain Relief. Outpatients only.

  • Open: Monday to Thursday 8.00am - 4.00pm. Not open on Bank Holidays.
  • Ward: 01865 225582
  • Please speak to nurses if you have any special requirements.

Cherwell Ward - Fulbrook Centre

City Community Hospital (Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust)
This has now moved to the Fulbrook Centre, Churchill Hospital

Visiting a Community Hospital (Oxford Health website)

Churchill Intensive Care Unit (CICU)
Level 1, Cancer and Haematology Centre

Tel: 01865 235074


  • Open: 8.30am - 4.30pm
  • Tel: 01865 572110

Dialysis Main Unit

  • Open: 7.30am - 8.00pm.
  • Tel: 01865 225807

Haematology Day Treatment Unit

Tel: 01865 235554

Haematology Ward

Types of accommodation available to relatives.

  • Patient bedside accommodation in single rooms
    Available at the discretion of the nurse in charge.
  • Tel: 01865 235048/9

John Warin Ward (Infectious diseases and tropical medicine) - this ward moved to Level 4, John Radcliffe Hospital

Oxford Breast Imaging Centre

Tel: 01865 235621

Oxford Upper Gastrointestinal Centre (Upper gastrointestinal and endocrine disorders)
Level 1, Surgery and Diagnostics Centre (main entrance)

Tel: 01865 235061 / 2 / 3

Oncology Ward Short Stay (OWSS) (Formerly Blenheim)
Oncology Level 1, Cancer and Haematology Centre

  • The ward opens at 7.30am on Mondays and closes at 1.00pm on Saturdays. This may vary over Bank Holidays.
  • Oncology Wards are managed as one unit: patients may be nursed on either ward depending on bed availability.
  • Tel: via Switchboard 0300 304 7777
  • Cancer Clinical Trials Unit: 01865 235015 / 235016
  • Triage Service: 01865 572192
  • Extended Day Treatment Unit: 01865 235017

Oncology Ward (Formerly Frank Ellis Unit)
Level 1, Cancer and Haematology Centre

From new main entrance: take stairs or lift to level 1. The ward is at the end of the corridor, past the Haematology Ward.

From the old hospital: at the League of Friends, follow the corridor into the new building. Turn right just before the stairs. The ward is at the end of the corridor, past the Haematology Ward. Turn left on entering the ward to find the main nurses' station.

Tel: 01865 235012 / 3


Tel: 01865 235761

Renal Ward
Level 2, Surgery and Diagnostics Centre

Next to the Transplant Ward in the Jane Ashley Centre

Ward: 01865 225780

Sir Michael Sobell House (Palliative Care)

Tel: 01865 225860

Tarver Ward (Dialysis)

Tel: 01865 225725

Theatre Direct Admissions (Surgery)
If driving, park in either car park 1 or 2. Enter by the new main entrance: you will see the unit almost straight in front of you. Occasionally we admit patients to the Day Surgery Unit rather than to Theatre Direct Admissions as stated. Please see the white board to the left of the door and follow any instructions there.

  • Open: 7.30am - 5.00pm.
  • We do have a TV in the waiting area but we still advise you to bring a tablet, book or magazine with you.
  • After your surgery you will either return to the Day Surgery Unit or be admitted to one of the wards.
  • If you have any concerns please speak to a member of the team.
  • Day Surgery Reception: 01865 225280

Treatment Centre for Specialist Medicine (Respiratory and specialist medicine)

Tel: 01865 225736 / 4

Transplant Ward
Level 2, Wytham Building

Tel: 01865 235010 / 235112

Urology Ward
Level 2, Surgery and Diagnostics Centre

Tel: 01865 572332 / 3

Wytham Ward (colorectal surgery, breast and gynaecological cancer surgery).
Level 1, Surgery and Diagnostics Centre

Tel: 01865 235380 / 1

Last reviewed:12 June 2023