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Head and Neck Cancer MDT

The Head and Neck Cancer Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) is a well-established group of experts with a specialist interest in the diagnosis, treatment and management of people with head and neck cancer.

The team comprises doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who manage the treatment of head and neck cancers in the Thames Valley Cancer Network.

The team meets every Thursday to discuss, in confidence, newly referred patients with a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of head and neck cancer.

The MDT meetings offer a forum for the team members to plan an agreed programme of treatment specific to individual patient needs. This approach ensures that all necessary investigations are carried out as quickly as possible. Treatment options are then discussed with the patient and their family and started without delay.

The Head and Neck Cancer MDT links with all those engaged in cancer care within the community and primary care, and offers specialist advice to other head and neck cancer teams within the Thames Valley Cancer Network.

Patients from outside the county are often referred to our service in Oxford as we provide specialist treatment not available in all hospitals.

For more information please visit:

Head and Neck Cancer Service

Ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery

ENT surgeons treat head and neck cancers as well as non-cancerous conditions that affect the senses such as hearing and balance disorders or smell and taste problems.

Tumours and lumps around the head and neck can arise due to several factors. In most cases those arising from or within the skin are non-cancerous (benign), but on occasion such growths may become cancerous (malignant).

Early diagnosis and prompt treatment can result in the successful treatment of such conditions.

Plastic surgery

Consultant plastic surgeons perform complex reconstructions for patients with a range of tumour types, including skin and head and neck cancers, and sarcomas.

Reconstructive plastic surgery can be a vital part of the process for cancer patients who have undergone operations to excise a tumour, and plastic surgeons work very closely with ENT and maxillofacial surgeons in our service.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Maxillofacial surgeons are involved in the management of oral and facial cancer including complex reconstruction. The team also provides specialist treatment of patients immediately after surgery, wound care follow-up and specialist and oral rehabilitation.

Thyroid and endocrine surgery

Thyroid and endocrine surgery team provides a complete diagnostic, treatment and follow-up service for patients with any thyroid abnormality. These include overactive thyroid, underactive thyroid, nodules (either solitary or multiple) and cancer.

Our team


  • Mr S Winter
  • Mr P Silva
  • Mr K Fasanmade
  • Mrs J Graystone
  • Mr S Prabhu
  • Mr M Potter
  • Mr S Gore
  • Mr O Cassell
  • Mrs L Fraser
  • Mr R Mykula
  • Mr U Selbong
  • Mr M Garg


  • Dr A Salisbury
  • Dr T Foord
  • Dr K Shah
  • Dr S Oliveros


  • Dr F Sheerin
  • Dr N Taylor


  • Mr S Benham
  • Mr E Davis


  • Dr K Shah
  • Dr S Damato

Restorative Dentists

Dr Wilson

Head and Neck Specialist Nurses

  • Jacky Rawlings
  • Yun Li
  • Katie Lawrence

Pre-operative Assessment Nurse

Karen McCleary

Speech and Language Therapists

  • Penny White
  • Virginia Murray
  • Samantha Holmes


  • Rupali Shah
  • Fiona Lucas

Sister in Charge

Akosua Adu

Find us and contact us

Blenheim Head and Neck Outpatients
Level 0, Churchill Hospital
Old Road
Oxford OX3 7LE

Outpatients: 01865 223556


Last reviewed:09 December 2021