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Breast Cancer MDT

The Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) is a well-established group of experts with a specialist role in the diagnosis, treatment and management of people with breast cancer.

The team comprises doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who manage the treatment of breast cancers in Oxfordshire.

The team meets every Wednesday to discuss, in confidence, newly referred patients with a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of breast cancer. The MDT meetings offer a forum for the team members to plan and agree a recommended programme of treatment specific to individual patient needs.

This approach ensures that all necessary investigations are carried out as quickly as possible and the best available treatment is offered. Treatment options are then discussed with the patient and their family at a subsequent appointment, which is often later that week.

The Breast Cancer MDT links with all those engaged in breast cancer care within the community and primary care, and offers specialist advice to other breast cancer specialists within the Thames Valley Cancer Network when requested.

The Breast Cancer MDT currently includes the following core members.


  • Miss Toral Gathani: Breast Cancer MDT Lead
  • Miss Pankaj Roy: Lead Breast Surgery
  • Miss Gael MacLean
  • Mr Dennis Remoundos
  • Miss Asha Adwani (Associate Specialist)

Oncology (medical and clinical)

  • Dr Bernadette Lavery: Lead Breast Oncology
  • Professor Ramon Andrade De Mello
  • Dr Shiroma De Silva Minor
  • Dr Andrew Eichholz
  • Dr Nicky Levitt
  • Dr Sileida Oliveros
  • Dr Rene Roux
  • Dr Ketan Shah
  • Dr Mark Tuthill


  • Dr Madhu Bhattacharyya: Lead Breast Radiology and Breast Screening
  • Dr Rosie Adams
  • Dr Jane Baldwin
  • Dr Shaheel Bhuva
  • Dr Vaishali Parulekar (Associate Specialist)


  • Dr Ben Phillips: Breast Pathology Lead
  • Dr Derek Roskell
  • Dr Yannis Roxanis
  • Dr Lucie Winter

Specialist Nursing Team

  • Lainey Hellings
  • Emma Hunt
  • Joanne O'Callaghan
  • Jill Ramsey
  • Hazel Terrado
  • Imogen Warren

Find us and contact us

Level 0, Oxford Cancer Centre
Churchill Hospital
Old Road
Oxford OX3 7LJ

Tel: 0300 304 7777

Breast Imaging Centre: 01865 235621


Having surgery for breast cancer - patient guide

barcoTV video

This video, filmed by barcoTV in October 2017, shows a fictional patient consultation, including the moment when the diagnosis is given, and a multidisciplinary team meeting, where many clinicians and healthcare professionals work together to decide the best course of action for the individual patient.

It also features interviews with some of the staff working in the Oxford Cancer Centre.


Last reviewed:19 April 2024