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Neuroendocrine Cancer MDT

The team

The Neuroendocrine Cancer Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) is a well-established group of experts with a specialist interest in the diagnosis, treatment and management of people with neuroendocrine cancers. The team comprises doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who manage the treatment of neuroendocrine cancers in Oxfordshire. The neuroendocrine MDT also offers a specialist service and advice for others within the Thames Valley Cancer Network.

The team meets on a weekly basis to discuss, in confidence, newly referred patients with a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of neuroendocrine cancer. The MDT meetings offer a forum for the team members to plan an agreed programme of treatment specific to individual patient needs.

This approach ensures that all necessary investigations are carried out in a timely fashion. Treatment options are then discussed with the patient and their family and treatment started at the earliest opportunity at the convenience of the patient.

The Oxford NET Centre operates to the standards of the European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (ENETS) as documented in protocols and procedures in the Oxford NET catalogue.

The Neuroendocrine Cancer MDT currently includes the following members.


Dr Bahram Jafar-Mohammadi


Dr Adam Bailey

Visceral Surgery

  • Mr Zahir Soonawalla
  • Mr Michael Silva

Endocrine Surgery

Mr Radu Mihai

Paediatric NET Surgery

Professor Paul Johnson

Clinical oncology

Dr Andrew Weaver

Medical oncology

Dr Denis Talbot

Consultant Radiologists

  • Professor Fergus Gleeson
  • Dr Kevin Bradley
  • Dr Neel Patel


Dr Eve Fryer

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Mike Tadman

Consultant Geneticist

Dr Lisa Walker

NET Cancer Pathway Co-ordinator

Kea Hinsley

Find us and contact us

Mike Tadman
Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Bagot and Drake Ward
Churchill Hospital
Oxford OX3 7LE

Tel: 01865 572348 Bleep 5138


Kea Hinsley
NET Cancer Pathway Co-ordinator
Cancer Pathways Co-ordinator Office
Churchill Hospital
Oxford OX3 7LE

Tel: 01865 228265