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Cancer Services

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During treatment

Treatment times will vary, depending on the area treated and your specific treatment position. A lot of the time will be spent putting you into the correct position.

You will be asked to remove clothing that covers the area being treated, and then lie on a couch in the same position you were planned in. Using the tattoos/marks made at your pre-treatment appointment, the radiographers will move the couch and the treatment machine into position. It may come very close to you, but it will not touch you.

When you are in the correct position the radiographers will leave the room. The radiographers will be watching you on cameras from outside. If you want them to come back in, just raise your hand.

The radiographers will start your treatment. Each treatment lasts a few minutes and the Linear Accelerator (Linac) makes a buzzing noise when it is switched on. You will not see/feel anything during treatment.