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Clinical Haematology

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Day Treatment Unit (DTU)

The DTU team provides anti-cancer chemotherapy, other supportive treatments and transfusions of blood products.

Some people visit DTU for a particular test or procedure.

People attending the DTU are 'outpatients'. This means that you do not stay in hospital overnight.

The DTU is a large open-plan area divided into Haematology Day Treatment Area and Oncology Day Treatment Area. There are three beds and 13 chairs in the Haematology department.


Day Treatment Unit (DTU) (pdf)


Having chemotherapy and other treatments in the Day Treatment Unit - YouTube

Your appointment

A member of the DTU Administration Team will call or write to you to book in your appointment date/s for treatment. If you have any queries please call us.

Oncology: 01865 235558

Haematology: 01865 235554

We do our best to keep to your appointment time, but sometimes there are unavoidable delays. Please do not come early as it is very unlikely we will be able to treat you before your appointment time.

What to bring


Please bring a list of any medicines you are taking.

Please also bring any regular medications you would ordinarily need during your appointment time, especially pain medications. Unfortunately, we do not have quick access to general medications on the Day Treatment Unit.

Please also bring a copy of the consent form you signed at your consultant appointment - we will need to see this before we can treat you.


Bring something with you to pass the time, such as a book or laptop. We offer free WiFi - OUH-GUEST. You may use your mobile phone but please set it to 'silent' and respect others' need for quiet.


We have a trolley for tea, coffee and water. If you are with us most of the day we have a lunch trolley with a selection of sandwiches, fruit and cakes. This is for patients only.

Refreshments and meals are available for visitors elsewhere in the Cancer and Haematology Centre.

If you have special dietary requirements, please bring your own food with you. You are welcome to bring in your own food but please do not bring in hot food as the smell might make other people feel sick. We do not have facilities to heat food.


We recommend that you don't drive yourself for your first treatment, but after that you may do so if you feel well.

For first appointments, and for particular needs and circumstances, we are happy for you to bring a relative or friend. However, most visitors will be asked to wait outside to reduce overcrowding and infection risks.

Our team

Our support team includes:

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Administrative staff
  • Housekeepers.

We are all dedicated to supporting you and your family during your treatment.


The unit is led by two Ward Sisters and staffed by Nurses and Senior Nursing Assistants.

All nursing staff are specially trained in all aspects of your care, including giving chemotherapy, taking blood and close monitoring during your treatment. We can provide you with support, advice and information.

The Nurse Specialist for your condition may see you during your visits to DTU.


A Specialist Registrar is available at all times on DTU to supervise our care and respond to any questions you may have. You may also see your Consultant Oncologist or Consultant Haematologist during your visits to DTU.


Our Pharmacists will discuss your medication with you, check your prescriptions and make sure you have enough medication to prevent or help with side-effects of treatment. Please give Pharmacy as much notice as possible if you need additional medications.

You can ask the Pharmacist any question about your medications.

Find us

The Day Treatment Unit (DTU) is on Level 0 of the Cancer and Haematology Centre.

How to find the Churchill Hospital

Use the main Churchill Hospital entrance into the Cancer (Oncology) and Haematology Centre on Level 0, past the café and shops. Go straight along the corridor and turn left following the signs for the Cancer and Haematology Outpatient Department.


DTU is inside the Outpatient Department. Please enter the main Outpatient entrance and take the door on the right into the Day Treatment Unit. The reception desk is straight ahead of you.

Haematology Day Treatment Area

Enter DTU, continue ahead and it is the first desk you come to.

Map of the Cancer and Haematology Centre (jpg)

Car parking

Patients who attend regularly for treatment over a prolonged period of time may be entitled to discounted or free parking.
Please bring your vehicle registration number with you if this is the case, so we can add it to the system.

For information on car parking please visit:

Car travel and parking - Churchill Hospital

Parking charges / concessions

Patient transport

We encourage our patients to organise their own transport if at all possible. However, some patients are eligible for non-emergency patient transport if they have no other means of getting to their appointments.

If you have patient transport booked and you have issues or need to cancel please call us.

Haematology: 01865 235554


We will ask for your feedback about your experience on our unit. Please raise any concerns you may have with staff at the time, and ask to speak to the Sister or Deputy who will be happy to listen and resolve any issues wherever possible.

If staff are unable to resolve the issue, please contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).

Last reviewed:05 September 2023