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Clinical Haematology

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Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU)

We offer ambulatory care (AC) to people who are having certain types of chemotherapy treatments.

Our Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU) is a unit where you can have your treatment during the day. It is equipped with four beds, comfortable chairs and all the equipment we need to deliver your treatment and monitoring.

Your specialist nurse or consultant will discuss this treatment option with you. Together you can decide whether ambulatory care will be suitable for you and your family. You will also have an opportunity to visit the Ambulatory Care Unit before your treatment begins.

You travel to the unit each day, and at the end of the day you may go home or to a dedicated flat on the hospital site. In some cases, patients may continue to receive some treatment via a small electronic pump overnight.

The unit is staffed by experienced chemotherapy nurses with the support of your consultant and registrar. You will have full access to the medical and nursing team 24 hours a day.

Your safety and the quality of your care are the most important considerations. There are a number of things to think about when deciding whether or not you are suitable for AC, which are discussed in the leaflet at the link below.


Adult Cancer Ambulatory Care Unit (pdf)

This leaflet provides information about:

  • decision making
  • risks and benefits
  • the flat and what to bring
  • important contact details.


Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU) Overview - YouTube

Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU) Having treatment at Home - YouTube

Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU) Using the CADD pump at home - YouTube

Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU) - Staying in onsite accommodation - YouTube

Find us and contact us

Ambulatory Care Unit, Oncology Ward
Level 1, Cancer and Haematology Centre
Churchill Hospital

Tel: 01865 226513

Turn right at the entrance to the Oncology Ward and left past the Triage reception desk.

How to find the Churchill Hospital

Last reviewed:02 March 2023