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Clinical Haematology

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Home therapy / Haemtrack / home delivery

Home treatment allows some individuals and families affected by bleeding disorders to rely less on hospital care by increasing independence and promoting early treatment of bleeds.

Home treatment can decrease costly and time-consuming Emergency Department visits and allow for a more normal home life with preventative (prophylactic) treatment.

Below is a useful guide for home treatment:

Home Treatment Guide - for people with bleeding disorders (pdf) -

If you are eligible for home treatment your team will discuss this with you in your clinic appointment.

If you are a registered patient at Oxford Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre (OHTC) and wish to commence home treatment, please contact us.

We will get in touch with you to discuss:

  • training
  • recording of bleeds
  • Haemtrack (see below)
  • factor administration
  • delivery
  • monitoring.

We may need to do a clinical review to talk you through the different treatment options available to you.


Haemtrack is an online system which enables you to record your home treatment.

It allows you to record:

  • when you treat yourself
  • the batch numbers
  • the number of units infused
  • the type of treatment used - for a bleed or prophylaxis.

Haemtrack will only collect and record this specific information.

Haemtrack is secure. You have a unique login and can choose a password. Only the OHTC Data Manager, your own consultant, nurses and physiotherapist have access to the data.

Haemtrack is compulsory for all patients having clotting factor treatment delivered directly to their home. You must agree to complete accurate details about your, or your child's, home treatment on this database. Having this information up to date is essential.

Information gathered shows your consultant how your treatment is working, if there is any pattern to any bleeding, and whether they need to change your treatment. It also gives the NHS an overview of patient treatment in multiple centres, and helps plan future care.

If you keep your details up to date, you may also have the opportunity to participate in research opportunities.

If you do not keep your details up to date, you may lose access to home delivery, and have to collect your treatment from OHTC.

How it works

Register with Haemtrack - you will need a computer, tablet or smartphone.

If you do not have access to the internet, we can supply you with home treatment forms to complete and return to us.

You will have access to a monthly calendar where you can add details of your treatment, including the date and time, product and reason for the treatment.

Queries or concerns


Alternatively, you can contact Haemtrack.


Tel: 0161 277791


Most of our patients who have home therapy use Sciensus:

Our Services | Expert Healthcare Solutions | Sciensus

Last reviewed:19 April 2024