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Cardiology GP email advice line

This advice line is for GPs only. If you are a patient, please contact your GP.

How to access the service

Please email requests for advice to:

A consultant cardiologist will review the request and provide a response, usually within one working day.

The advice will be provided by email to the sender's mailbox.

In addition to providing advice, the service is one way to access the investigations available from the Cardiology Department without necessarily requesting an outpatient appointment.

Advice topics

The sort of area that you may find this useful for would include the following.

ECG interpretation e.g. is this really LVH? Are these ECG findings compatible with a normal variant? What further investigations would you recommend in a patient with this ECG?

Murmurs e.g. is an echo all that is required or should the patient have a formal outpatient review?

Palpitations e.g. is a 24 hour tape required on this patient or would another form of monitoring be appropriate? Can this history be regarded as benign or is further investigation required?

Atrial fibrillation e.g. rate or rhythm control in this patient? Does the patient require anticoagulation? Is an outpatient appointment necessary or is an echo all that is required at this stage? What would you recommend to control the AF rate in this patent?

Chest pain e.g. is this patient suitable for the Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic or is an outpatient appointment more appropriate?

Last reviewed:11 June 2024