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Restorative Dentistry referrals

In the first instance please visit:

Dental Referrals

Please select 'Thames Valley'.

Restorative Dentistry outpatients is now a Directly Bookable Service (DBS) via e-Referral.

Maxillofacial Surgery referrals

e-Referral at OUH

In order to help us deal with your referrals more efficiently and thus provide patients a better service, the following details must be provided for all referrals:

  • the specific dental problem, clearly stated
  • number of teeth present and charting if possible
  • oral hygiene status BPE scores
  • confirmation that primary disease has been treated
  • detailed summary of treatment provided to date
  • specific problems encountered when providing treatments
  • details of any specific factors that may influence the extent of disease present.

Additional information is required for the following specialties within Restorative Dentistry.

Failure to provide the information will cause unnecessary delay in your referral being processed.

Conservative dentistry

Please provide the following information:

  • is the referral for a second opinion only?
  • duration of the problem
  • if about failing crowns/bridges, the age of the restorations must be provided
  • if there are repeated failures, details must be given if situation has deteriorated
  • if wear, is it localised or generalised?
  • is there an occlusal problem?


Please provide the following information:

  • tooth in question must be clearly stated
  • type of treatment required, e.g. re-retreatment, conventional treatment, surgery
  • duration of symptoms and nature of pain (if present)
  • pulpal problems; history of any sensitivity, abscesses, pain or discomfort, pulpitis
  • any treatment involving pulp capping (direct or indirect) must be provided
  • previous root canal treatment provided and when provided
  • attempt at root canal treatment and difficulty encountered must be clearly stated
  • fractured instrument - details of instrument (where possible)
  • history of traumatic injury to the tooth
  • any other details e.g. resorption must be provided
  • clear long cone periapical radiographs should be enclosed.


Please provide the following information:

  • dental history
  • smoker or non-smoker
  • description of oral hygiene
  • description of gingival tissues
  • probing depth range
  • furcation involvement
  • mobility
  • restorative factors
  • treatment provided to date
  • good quality radiographs.


Please provide the following information:

  • a description of the present denture(s)/prostheses and any difficulties encountered
  • a history, including number, of the previous denture(s)
  • the specific nature and age of the present prosthesis
  • in partially dentate cases, the condition of the periodontium including a description of the oral hygiene
  • the occlusion and the state of the remaining teeth
  • any indication of any complicating medical factors e.g. xerostomia.

Dental implants

If your patient fulfils one of the criteria below, the referral should be made in the normal way. Following the consultation, if your patient is suitable for implant treatment, the consultant will request approval for NHS funding.

Dental implants are only available under the NHS in the following categories:

  • congenital and acquired defects e.g. severe hypodontia (more than six missing teeth), cleft lip and palate
  • tooth and tissue loss following trauma, e.g. road traffic accidents; surgery for head and neck cancer (NB patients in whom tooth loss occurred due to trauma more than two years ago will not necessarily qualify for NHS implants)
  • continuing problems with well-made and fitting complete dentures (as deemed by a consultant in Restorative Dentistry).

If the approval is successful, the NHS will only fund the current course of treatment. The cost for maintenance and any future replacement cannot be guaranteed. In the event of a problem, a new referral and application for approval would need to be made.