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Thames Valley Vascular Network

Vascular services across the country operate as a 'hub and spoke' model.

In the Thames Valley region, the John Radcliffe Hopsital is the 'hub' or centre. This means that the majority of major elective and all emergency vascular procedures are carried out in the John Radcliffe Hospital. However, minor surgical procedures and outpatient appointments still take place in local hospitals, the 'spokes'.

These hospitals are the Royal Berkshire Hospital and Stoke Mandeville Hospital (part of Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust). Patients requiring specialist vascular treatment may be seen at more than one hospital across the Thames Valley region, and may be transferred between hospitals for their care.

Our Vascular Centre includes a 24 bed vascular ward, dedicated vascular theatres and a state-of-the-art interventional radiology suite.

Our team


  • Miss Emma Wilton (Clinical Lead)
  • Mr Jeremy Perkins
  • Mr Tim Magee
  • Mr Christopher Darby
  • Professor Ashok Handa
  • Mr Dominic Howard
  • Mr Patrick Lintott
  • Mr Ed Sideso (Network Lead)
  • Mr Daniel Urriza Rodriguez
  • Miss Mei Nortley
  • Professor Mr Regent Lee

Service Manager

Naomi Fitzgerald

Patient Pathway Administrators

  • Faye Hall (Lead)
    PPA for: Emma Wilton, Patrick Lintott and Daniel Urriza Rodriguez
  • Lily Simmons
    PPA for: Regent Lee, Jeremy Perkins and Dominic (PJ) Howard
  • Sue Horne
    PPA for: Ed Sideso, Mei Nortley and Tim Magee

Outpatient Booking Officer

Hayley Price

MDT Coordinator

Caryn Jenkins

Vascular Studies Unit


Sarah Madden

Find us and contact us

Inpatients: Ward 6A is on Level 6 of the John Radcliffe Hospital. From the lift lobby on Level 6 follow the A/B corridor.

Tel: 01865 221802

Last reviewed:20 April 2023