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Palliative Care referrals

Palliative care is provided at the John Radcliffe Hospital and Sobell House, Churchill Hospital in Oxford or Horton General Hospital in Banbury and Katharine House in Adderbury.

Specialist palliative care is for patients and families coping with cancer or other end-of-life diseases. It is a resource for GPs offering support in continuing to care for patients at home.

Early referral is encouraged. We are able to advise and support patients who are still receiving palliative anti-cancer treatment, e.g. radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Patient leaflets are available.


Community Palliative Care

GPs can refer to Community Palliative Care through e-Referral.

Other healthcare professionals should email a copy of our referral form:

Specialist Palliative Care Referral Form (Word, 26 KB)


If you are a patient or relative who feels that a referral is appropriate, please discuss with your GP, consultant or specialist nurse.

Horton General Hospital

Brodey Cancer Centre
Horton General Hospital, Banbury

Tel: 01295 224195


Horton General Hospital palliative care referral form (Word, 48 KB)

Outpatient appointments can be arranged at Sobell House or in the patients' homes.

Suggested referral criteria

  • Difficult symptoms (current or anticipated).
  • Persisting anxiety, depression, psychological problems in patient or partner.
  • Additional support for home care, e.g. Day Hospice.
  • Where inpatient terminal care is anticipated and no local facility exists.
  • When patient and/or family are anticipated to have difficulties managing alone, e.g:
    • young families
    • other illness in family
    • recent bereavement
    • unemployment
    • alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Particular cancers including intracerebral tumours; head and neck cancer.
  • Long natural history of advanced disease, e.g.
    • Metastatic bone disease in breast/prostate cancer
    • Recurrent pelvic tumours
    • Cancer related lymphoedema.

The service is multi-professional, aiming to meet the many physical, psychological and social problems of patients.


Advice on symptom control

This can be a one-hour outpatient consultation (transport may be arranged) or a domiciliary visit which can usually be arranged within a few days. Telephone advice is always available.


Admission can usually be arranged within 1-5 days for symptom control, rehabilitation, respite or terminal care. The average stay is 12 days, with 50 percent of patients being discharged home.

Continuing Care

Community Clinical Nurse Specialists (Macmillan Nurses) are available to provide advice and support to patients, carers and Primary Care Teams (seven day service).

Day Hospice

Day care is offered five days a week at Sobell House, Oxford, and Katharine House, Adderbury, Banbury, and Witney Day Hospice (Tuesdays only) in Witney Community Hospital.

Bereavement support

This is available for advice to professionals, families and carers. Trained volunteer support workers assist at-risk bereaved carers of our patients.


Please refer directly to lymphoedema clinics: Sobell House (cancer and non-malignant patients), or Katharine House (cancer patients only).

Contact us

  • Reception or ward: 01865 225860 / 225899
  • Day Hospice: 01865 225875
  • Referrals (day): 01865 225876 / 225883
  • Referrals (evenings / weekends): 01865 225860
  • Sobell Specialist Palliative Care Community Nurses: 01865 857036
  • Bereavement support: 01865 225884 / 225878
  • Psycho-oncology advice: 01865 225862
  • Brodey Cancer Centre, Horton General Hospital, Banbury: 01295 224195
  • Katharine House: 01295 811866

JR, Churchill and NOC Palliative Care

John Radcliffe Hospital: 01865 221741

Churchill Hospital: 01865 223585

Monday to Friday 9.00am - 3.30pm: messages checked throughout the day

Weekends and Bank Holidays 9.00am - 4.00pm: 01865 857036 (all sites)

Out of hours via Sobell House: 01865 225873 (all sites)

Patient support

Macmillan Cancer Support
Tel: 0808 800 1234

Lymphoedema Support Network

Maggie's Cancer Information Centre
Churchill Hospital
Oxford OX3 7LJ
Tel: 0300 304 7777 ext 35133