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Menopause Clinic and Early Menopause Clinic referrals

The menopause is a normal phase in women's lives, when menstrual periods stop and fertility declines. All women experience it as they get older.

For many women it does not cause particular problems, and women can discuss any issues with their GPs or practice nurses. However, for a few women it may be more problematic, particularly if the menopause has come earlier than expected or as a result of treatment for other health problems and if there are other continuing health issues.

Problems with difficult menopausal symptoms, treatment problems with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), other health issues, and also premenstrual syndrome, may all lead to referral.

The Menopause Clinic is run by Advanced Nurse Practitioner Mrs Jan Brockie, with support from Consultant in Gynaecology Ms Jane Moore.

It provides a holistic approach to menopause, which includes evidence-based information about lifestyle, alternative complementary therapies and orthodox treatment options.

New appointment slots are 40 minutes, and almost all follow-up appointments are done via telephone, due to patient preference and the number of patients we see from outside of Oxfordshire.

There is also a helpline for clinic patients for queries and problems between appointments.

Occasionally telephone follow-up appointments can be arranged, instead of attending the John Radcliffe Hospital.

The Early Menopause Clinic is specifically for menopausal women under the age of 40.

This specialist nurse-led clinic offers long-term support and clinical advice in managing the significance and consequences of early menopause, including fertility issues. Women with early menopause after cancer treatment or surgery can also be seen in this clinic.

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