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Oxford International Neonatal and Paediatric Fellowship Scheme

The Oxford International Neonatal and Paediatric Fellowship (OINPF) scheme is for non-UK / EEA paediatricians, with MRCPCH or other such postgraduate qualifications, to undertake high quality postgraduate training in paediatrics for a maximum of 24 months, before returning to work in their home countries.

Posts will be offered at a 'senior level', equivalent in standard to Level 2/3 of the WK ST training curricula. After a period of three to six months' induction, it is expected that appointed applicants will progress sufficiently to spend the remaining 18-21 months working at a more senior level.

During the induction period Fellows will be exposed to a range of aspects and course in Paediatrics including Child Protection and Advance Paediatric Life Support. These courses will be undertaken irrespective of the clinical content of the overall post. All posts will contain on-call duties.

Successful applicants will be allocated posts following a competitive selection process, during which applicants are required to demonstrate that their clinical knowledge, skills and experience are sufficient to meet both the entry criteria set OINPF scheme and those set for GMC registration.

For guidance on eligibility to apply, please contact us:


International Fellowship form

To apply, please use the form at the link below:

Oxford International Neonatal / Paediatrics Fellowship Form 2023 (xlsx, 62 KB)

About our services

Oxford Newborn Care Unit

Oxford Newborn Care Unit is a lead centre within the Thames Valley Neonatal Network.

We provide all tertiary neonatal services, including neonatal surgery, cardiac and subspecialty services.

We have around 970 admissions each year. The case mix includes, in addition to the usual more common neonatal problems, a significant number of premature infants including around 135 a year who are 28 weeks or less, and a wide variety of surgical problems.

In addition to the basic clinical and transport workload there is an active programme of academic and research activities within the department.

Oxford Newborn Care Unit

Acute Children's Services (Paediatrics)

Children's Services are provided in Oxford Children's Hospital, a purpose-built hospital for children from Oxfordshire which also offers specialist paediatric medical and surgical care to patients from elsewhere in the UK.

The Children's Emergency Department is staffed by Children's Emergency Medicine Consultants, ANPs and Children's ED nursing staff, and offers excellent opportunities for training and research.

The ambulatory Clinical Decision Unit (CDU), is close to Children's ED and both departments are closely linked.

Children who need to stay in hospital overnight are mainly cared for on Bellhouse Drayson Ward or Melanie's Ward in Oxford Children's Hospital. There is also a large Outpatient Department and Day Ward.

Children's Acute Wards

At the Horton General Hospital in Banbury we have a Children's Emergency Department and Children's Ward, as well as a purpose-built Outpatient Department.

Meetings are held on both sites on a regular basis.

Acute Paediatrics

Last reviewed:10 November 2023